All About: Travel Beauty Box

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be telling you all about the travel beauty box I received for my birthday. I haven’t seen a blog post like this so thought I would just name it an ‘All About’ (the originality and creativity is brewing, as you can tell). I’ve decided to write and talk about my beauty box further as I have received questions about it following the Holiday At The Farm Makeup blog post (see HERE) in which I included it slightly. Obviously this isn’t my usual thing to talk about so it could be a bit disorganised but hey, at least there’s a little bit of reality within this! This is going to be kind of like a review but I have no idea how I would review this using my usual plan I follow for it so we have what ever I’m about to write instead!


The first thing I want to talk about it the usefulness of the product. I’ve only used this once for when I went on holiday in Dorset but I really did enjoy using it. Once you open it, it has 5 separate compartments for different things. It is secured with buckles so there is no way it can ever accidentally open on it’s own and it’s pretty solid as well so I would try my makeup in here. Clearly things are going to roll around in there but it’s tucked in quite nicely so it shouldn’t fall out of the compartments. There is also a handle to hold when physically transporting it which is also helpful if you have loads of bags as it won’t even take up a full hand to carry. I would also use this if I was a working makeup artist and had a client who knew exactly what s/he wanted so I didn’t need my entire collection.


As you can see, once opened the compartments are exposed and it’s easy to get something from each one. The only slight issue is it gives you the impression you can use the parts at the bottom and top of the picture, though this is where you fold it to then buckle it together. I have tried putting makeup in there and it didn’t work which could suggest wasted space and making it a lot bulkier than it already needs to be. I do like how easy everything is to get hold of when it’s open like this and it’s completely collapsible to you know it will all fit. The different compartments are in a step-like formation which really helps when folding it all up and putting it away quickly.

I personally like putting my tubes, lip products, compacts and brushes in these compartments, or any other makeup accessory I may need. I feel like they fit perfectly and no space is wasted on theme. Also, I know they will just be confined to that space so won’t be rolling around all over the place. A couple of my bigger brushes are a bit too long to fit in these compartments though, which is another slight downside, meaning I have to place it diagonally. This is only a small disadvantage as I have to move that one in order to get to the rest of my brushes. I may also put single eye shadows in here if there is any space left. I tend to put my bigger products such as palettes or bigger compacts in the bottom section as its the biggest part and also really flat so I know they’ll be kept safe there. I will also put bigger skincare products in this section as well as face wipes and anything else I couldn’t fit into the step-compartments.


The aesthetic of this box shouldn’t really matter but let’s be honest, it really does! I received this one from Ebay and it came in a range of colours but I chose black and it also has little rhinestones on, which I love (black and sparkle, yes please!). If they had an orange one, of course I would’ve gone with it. The buckles and handle also match the rhinestones which makes the OCD-Rach inside of me very happy. The material inside the box in each compartment is that soft but rough material; kind of like velvet but it doesn’t change colour when you stroke it (oh dear!). I don’t know how to explain it but it’s kind of like velvet. Just don’t hold it against me!

Finally, price and place. As I’ve just mentioned, this particular one is from Ebay but I’m sure there are loads of retailers that have this on sale for you. Obviously I don’t know which one my Mother chose to purchase for me but I’ve found this link HERE which sells it for £16.59. I personally think that that price is actually alright for this product as it is spacious and very good quality and sure to last you a decent amount of time. There are some cheaper, but it depends on what you’re looking for and how often you think you’re going to use it etc.

So there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this type of blog post as I feel I may be writing a couple more of them. Let me know if I’ve now inspired you to get one or if it has made up your mind for you! I can honestly say that as an aspiring makeup artist, this is one of the best products I could own and have been purchased in my favour.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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