Tattoo Ideas

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

I don’t normally upload on a Sunday, do I, so I thought I would throw a cheeky one in there for those that want it. I realise this isn’t something I talk about a lot or at all, really, so I thought I would throw my views out there. I know some of you will not like this at all, but tattoos are something I’ve known and wanted from a young age and so thought I should share that personal matter on my own personal platform. From my heart to yours, as it were. I’ve also been thinking a lot about this recently and what better way to express yourself then through the form of writing.

Recently, I’ve been loving watching Tattoo Fixers. I did not know this show existed until my friend introduced it to me and I have not looked back! It really inspires me to get creative and to also get tattoos. If you don’t watch it already, you might want to give it a go as it’s really funny but also teaches you a lot about tattoos. The drawings the tattoo artists create really are amazing and makes me wish I could draw like that. This show does make tattoos just look creative and that they should be on people as they look so cool. I do know there is a negative side to tattoos and that a lot of people may not agree with them, but I would like a few small ones (I hate pain so much!) on my body, which I will just explain to you now.

Anchor – The first tattoo I wanted is a medium sized anchor on my wrist. I would quite like the bottom part (the widest part) to be the width of my wrist (which in all fairness is quite small) and maybe 5cm long. I have no idea why an anchor, I do just like them. I have grown up by the seafront and I remember when my granddad used to have his own boat so that’s probably why I feel a sort of connection with it. It sounds crazy, I know! I think this is one I will have last or maybe not at all, it kind of depends how things work out and stuff like that.

Cat Whiskers – This is something I’ve wanted for only a little while now but I know is one I’ll cherish forever and perhaps be my first one. As you may or may not know, I am addicted and completely in love with Dan and Phil and one of the things they are known for are the cat whiskers and nose. It might sound insane, again, as it’s just YouTubers and stuff like that, but they do genuinely mean a lot to me in a way I find difficult to describe. Also, I’ve grown up with cats around me so when I’m old and YouTube probably won’t exist anymore, I can give the alibi of being surrounded by cats and re-enacting the Lion King when I was young. I would like this on my hip as my hips are very broad and they need to have something done with them, to be honest. I want this one to be quite small as well, but I haven’t really decided on measurements yet.

LGBT – The final tattoo I would like (or have decided on so far) is LGBT written in block capitals. As you will know, LGBT is something I stand very strongly for and my Mum is a lesbian so it will be my tattoo for her. I would really like this in a very bold font (I have one in mind but have no idea of the name for it) as it will show that it’s strong and important. I would like this on the side of my body, kind of where the band of my bra would be to show that things don’t need to be on full show in order to be known and important.

I will probably do what everybody does and get a tattoo for my child/ren in the future once they are in the world, but now as a single little 15-year-old (that’s weird to say!) this is what I would like on my body. I am kind of scared to get a tattoo (especially the anchor one as it’s the biggest and going to be filled in) in case I don’t like it or I change my mind or it doesn’t suit me. I use temporary tattoos all the time but I don’t know, it still doesn’t seem too real or right. Let me know of your thoughts on tattoos, whether you have any and if so what they are, and your views on my ideas.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. I’m scheduling this way back in February so I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Tattoo Ideas”

  1. I’ve been obsessed with tattoo fixers too, its not something I thought I would like but I watch it before I go to bed and it makes you appreciate how talented tattoo artists are! These are some great ideas! -Tash x

    1. Definitely! It makes me want to bring out my creative side a bit more as well, though I could never accomplish the kind of skill they’re at! Rachel xx

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