Mother’s Day Haul 2016

Good Evening Munchkins!

For as long as I can remember on this blog I have been telling you my ideas or what I’ve bought my Mum for Mother’s Day as it’s tended to link to beauty or just been able to give you ideas. Hence this blog post! I just thought I would show you the things I bought the Mother for this special day. I also have a Step-Mum this Mother’s Day so I will be telling you what I bought her as well. Sunday is literally going to be Christmas in our house! Along the way I’m going to tell you little deals you can get as that’s literally my way through life. Just try and guess what the total of all the presents was and at the end I’ll tell you how much I spent in total, including 2 cards. Don’t forget the cards. Because of this, I won’t be telling you the prices of each individual item. What a fun game to play, woohoo! Just a little disclaimer, I have spoilt my Mum so don’t feel bad but as I said, everything I bought was very cheap (but good quality, in my opinion!).

The first place I went to was Wilko’s. You can say what you want about Wilko’s, I love it. I don’t know any kind of American equivalent, but it’s basically a shop that has everything and for a pretty reasonable price. My idea this Mother’s Day was to make a hamper. This is what happened.


One thing to think of when you’re on a budget like moi, is to look EVERYWHERE. And I mean it when I say EVERYWHERE  in block capitals. I found this little basket (label said ‘caddy’) in the bathroom section and I knew it was what I wanted. It has purple stripes (there will be a theme of purple, I’m sorry), is of the smaller size they offered and was really affordable. I know that my Mum will get a lot of use out of this other than me just using it for decoration on the day for little items. This is going to be useful, as I keep telling myself.


Also from Wilko’s I bought a couple of things from the Fruits section which is basically their body care/bath section. I’m going to tell you now, Mum’s love this stuff. I went for the purple flavour (I realise it’s not a flavour, but I can’t remember the actual flavour so for now it’s purple) and from that I bought the body scrub and the body butter. My Mum literally gets high on body butter, she loves the stuff. I could’ve just got her this and she would love me already. I’m telling you, Mum’s love it. The Fruits collection has a whole load of scents including coconut, I think orange was in there somewhere. There is something in there for someone, and they’re ridiculously cheap.


The last thing I bought from Wilko’s (I literally piled it into my basket) were two purple mugs, one for the Mother and the other for the Step-Mother. Do I need to justify the purple this far into the blog post? They both love purple and anything purple they need! They both love their tea so I thought it would be really cute if they had matching mugs. Wrapping this however was not a cute story. I’m just going to apologise for that fact that the images in your heads are probably better than what they genuinely look like. They’re pretty big and they’re white on the inside and the best part about them being dark purple, you won’t see any stains! Always thinking of the positives! The lovely lady in the shop also wrapped it in brown paper for me to decrease the risk of damage (I didn’t break them, I’m so proud!).


I then went into Topshop. I wasn’t planning on buying anything from there, until I went to the sale section. I’m sorry, I am one of those people! Don’t ever forget to check the sale sections, you never know what beauty’s you will find in there. My Mum actually said on the way there when she was dropping me off she wanted purple nail varnish, well guess who delivered! As you can tell, the nail polish on the left was £1.50 and the one on the right was £2 (you get that only clue!). The normal price for Topshop nail polishes are around £6 or £7, maybe even higher. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with them and I know they will both love them. I didn’t get the names of them before I wrapped them, but they’re two different nail polishes. The one on the left has like white dots within it, so it’s one of those 3D texture ones and the other has like a metallic sheen. I will give the one on the left to my Mum and the one on the right to my Step-Mum. They both love doing their nails and I don’t think you can really go wrong with nail polish.


The next place I went was New Look. If you want to get nice but cheap makeup or perfume, I totally recommend New Look or Primark or any shop like that (as I previously mentioned, Topshop is quite pricey so I tend to stick to the sale section there!). I knew that Primark had fairly new perfumes out, so thought I’d check them out and see if there was one I thought my Mum would like. I’m pretty good as knowing what smells my Mum likes in perfume and what she doesn’t, so this was pretty easy. It was also in slightly purple packaging as well! She likes a bit more mature scents that aren’t too sweet but aren’t too weak. I really hope she likes this one, but I know she’d use it anyway! The one I picked up was Pure Dusk. Another little clue: I think this was the most expensive thing I picked up. You better not be cheating, as well!

The final place I went was Superdrug. I find that Superdrug tends to have really cheap chocolate and sweets and they always seem to have deals on, so I went in there to go get the last couple of bits. Also, points on my card, can’t complain! I bought my Step-Mum Starburst as she prefers sweets over chocolate and also, most Haribo’s have the price written on the packaging which is not the way to go if it’s a present! I also bought my Mum a huge bar of the Maltesers Teasers as she loves Maltesers (as do I!) and she says she on a diet, well, I can always help! Yes, so look in Superdrug for cheap sweets!

Right, and there we have it! If you’ve been playing that oh-so-fun game, quickly write your answer in the comments before I tell you. The total amount of money I took with me and spent on presents was £20. I know, all that for only £20! I’m actually really proud of myself but it’s because I went looking for all those deals! I really hope you have taken some of these tips and go on to use them because they really do help if you’re on a budget but do want to spoil someone a little bit. Let me know what you got your Mum for Mother’s Day or what you did to celebrate in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx




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