Holiday Nails – Black and Orange

Good Evening Munchkins!
Today I will be showing you the nails I did for the half-term holidays from school. I did a similar blog post to this around Christmas time for the Christmas holidays so if you would like to see that, click HERE. This time round I did have a slightly different idea but I did eventually like how they turned out. I tried to combine my two favourite colours (black and orange) and yeah, used some slightly different techniques than I’d used before.

The products I used for this look were:


I’m just going to warn you now, my nails always look like a 3 year olds done them and my hands are very small and fat!


The first thing I did was apply the New Look Top and Base Coat. I’ve been searching for a top and base coat for literally years and I bought this one whilst ordering a load of stuff from New Look, so I will be reviewing it for some time soon. I do want to start using this a lot more in order to help the condition of my nails and the condition of my nail art (ha, this really isn’t art!).

I then apply a couple of coats of Lincoln Park After Dark (it kind of depended on the thickness and opacity as to how many coats I applied). This is my go-to black/dark nail polish, though it’s starting to run out and get a bit old so I may have to look for another one. If you have recommendations, you are very welcome to tell me them (I’m thinking Barry M). This isn’t actually black, but after a few layers it becomes black or dark enough to convince.

On my accent finger/ring finger, I used a cotton bud to apply a little bit of the Miss Sporty colour. I was intending on making it look similar to a French manicure, but my nails (my everything) are tiny so it basically covered half the nail anyway. I then applied it onto the entire nail and I found that this way it was more the glitter that was applied than the liquid of the product (if that makes any sense) and so you can still see the black through it. I really like this as it adds a bit more life to an otherwise slightly boring nail and is something I always try to do (sense the originality!).

I then just applied the top and base coat over all of this in order to set it. I originally thought this would make the nail smooth but it hasn’t (though this isn’t that much of a big deal to me). The only thing I’m not so keen on when it comes to waiting for everything to dry. I did have to wait until I was in the mood and I was relaxed to do these nails as I knew it would take a while. I am literally one of the most impatient people you will ever get to know (product of the 21st century) so this is something I will have to suffer for or mix some of the colours for (which kills my OCD).

And there we have it! I really liked these nails and how I managed to save it slightly and I am very impressed by the Miss Sporty nail polish. If you like doing your nails or have a specific way you like to do them, let me know as I am always open to new techniques.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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