Holiday at The Farm – What’s In My Skincare Bag?

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I have yet another blog post from my holiday at the farm (it could be a little trilogy!). If you would like to see the other couple of blog posts I’ve written about my holiday, then you can click HERE or HERE. Anyway, since Caroline Hirons has entered my life (through YouTube, I’m not entirely blessed!) she’s taught me a lot about skincare and body care and all things like that. Basically, today I’m going to be showing you other little beauty bits I took on holiday with me that I didn’t share in my makeup blog post that isn’t makeup (it should make more sense later on). Skincare is something that is still very new to me and I am still just starting to dabble in so do excuse my inexperienced mind at times. Also because of that, skincare and stuff wasn’t at the top of my list to pack and worry about so please don’t hurt me if there’s obvious stuff missing.


The bag I took my skincare in was this one from Ted Baker. I bought it in the January sales (though it was still quite pricey) and I absolutely adore it. I will definitely be getting my wear out of this one! Its coral with gold detailing (i.e. zip and statement bow) and I love the design on Ted Baker items, they make me so happy! My bank, however, does not agree! It’s also patent-textured (see what I mean?) which means any spillages will come straight off. It does have a silk-y kind of fabric inside which gives it that ‘yeah, I’m Ted Baker’ finish. Anyway, enough about the bag (who knew I could write so much on it?!).

The things I took in my little Ted Baker bag were:


Lip balm (would not be see without the stuff!)

New Look Top and Base Coat

O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Polish

Miss Sporty Crush On You Nail Polish in 063

Orange handheld compact mirror

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (see review HERE)

A few cotton pads

Dirty Works Bye Bye Dry Light Body Butter

All Wrapped Up … Candy Cane Hand Cream

Superdrug White Chocolate Mousse Mask

Temporary Metallic Tattoos (that we used before the pictures were taken, I’m sorry)

I realise this blog post is really short and I didn’t actually realise how short it was going to be! I am glad I shared this with you though! Like the makeup, there were some ‘just in case’ items that could’ve been used and been handy (like the temporary tattoos) and there were some that just didn’t get used (like the face mask that is now waiting in my little skincare drawer).

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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