Holiday at The Farm Lookbook

Good Evening Munchkins,

Today is my first day back from holiday! Yay, I have my Wi-Fi back! Today I’ll be showing you a little lookbook of what I wore each day and also telling you a little bit about each day (so it’s kind of fashion and personal). For those who feel completely out of the loop (I can’t remember what I did or didn’t say now!) myself, my Mum, my step-Mum and my three younger brothers stayed in a cottage in Dorset for 5 days on a dairy farm. I will only be showing you the outfits of the three full days I was there, though, as they were kind of altered for the conditions.



Top – bought on holiday

Checked Shirt – Matalan (releasing my inner Phil!)

Leggings – Primark

I paired this with black converse

Today we went into the proper town near where we are staying, including the hill where the Hovis advert was filmed. Let’s just say, my thighs got the exercise they’ve been lacking for the last 15 years! I also took Maggy on his first shopping trip for makeup; he bought an eye shadow palette with his spending money and I’d never felt prouder. We’re all still a bit ill but we’re not at deaths door. It’s freezing at the moment and when we woke up, the puddles had frozen over (watching the boys slide around tickled me immensely!). We’ve been lucky with the weather today and I’m really chuffed at how our first day went.



Jumper – Ebay

Leggings – Primark

I paired this with black Chelsea wellie boots

On Wednesday, we went to a city (don’t question me on that) that Will and I had been to before when we were very young (one time before Will was even born). It was really nice to have a trip down memory lane and we went to the Dinosaur Museum that we had been to previously. The boys loved it though they did become very *challenging*.  Mum and Maria became very involved with the quiz (you’ve never seen two grown women so angry at Question 15 before) to the point where we were just handed the medals anyway! It was raining all day (hence the wellie boots) but we didn’t let that hold us back and even my makeup survived it!



Vest top – Primark

Denim jacket – Mum’s from the 1990’s

Leggings – New Look

I also wore this outfit with a pair of black converse

Today we went to Monkey World. We did try to leave the boys but there’s something called attachment and the law that prevented them. The boys were, again, *challenging* but there was a monkey called Kim, so my mind was distracted by that (the closest thing to Keeping Up With The Kardashians I’d noticed all week). I also realised my love for orang-utans and have decided they are my favourite monkey (how specific!).  I genuinely wanted to start swinging around the monkey’s play areas (they were cages but they were so much better that it sounds) and it made me wonder about their balance and my lack of it. The monkeys were gorgeous and I wanted to be like Michael Jackson and own one (as well as the huge success and all that, of course!). Today the weather was amazing again and I nearly left the house without a coat, until I realised it was February and I would surely die without protection.

And there we have it! Thank you so much for sticking by the not-so-great-I-wrote-them-whilst-I-was-ill-and-then-scheduled-them-blog-posts, I hope it has been worth the wait! I’ve quite enjoyed writing this blog post for you; I hope you have enjoyed reading it. I also hope you’ve enjoyed how I’ve tried to add the little personal touches as that is something that I do enjoy and is something I hope to carry on (though perhaps not all the time).

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx




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