Rimmel Kate Moss 107 VS Mac Diva Lipstick

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today’s blog post will be comparing two lipsticks that I have been loving around the festive period and a little while after that. Also, if this isn’t as up to scratch as you would expect, I’m sorry, as I type I’m ill and that isn’t a regular state for me to be in so I am sorry. The two lipsticks I will be comparing are the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipsticks in 107 and Mac’s Matte Lipstick in Diva. I have written fully detailed reviews on these two, so you can go check them out from earlier in the year. I love both of these and I know that the Rimmel one is spoken about a lot, so I thought I’d compare the two for you now. The two are complete opposites in terms of where they are in the makeup hierarchy but hopefully I will be able to help you make up your mind. Due to me having already reviewed them, however, I will only be comparing the similar qualities they have/claim to have.

The first thing I want to compare is, obviously, the colour. In the bullets, the two look very similar; a deep burgundy/red. Diva, however, comes out a lot more of a brighter red and 107 comes out more truthful to what is shown in the bullet. I personally love the colours of both of these as there is only a few differences in-between them so one or the other will match most looks. I think 107 is perhaps a bit lighter than shown in the bullet also, so they’re not a deep colour like you’d expect. I just love deep red lips so I needed both! I was initially shocked by the colour pay off but I soon grew to love the little surprise.

The next thing is the matte-ness. Both of these lipsticks claim to be of a matte formula, and I will actually agree. On comparison, I feel like 107 has a bit more of a sheen but only slightly. It’s also a lot creamier but due to this you may need to reapply slightly. Diva definitely lives up to it’s formula; the staying power is amazing and if you want a matte lip, you will get served! Both of these are drying on the lips but if you apply lip balm before putting it on and then as soon as you take it off, it’s fine. After a significant amount of time, Diva can kind of lose some colour around the centre of the lips but I think that can only be expected from a normal lipstick so this doesn’t really upset me too much.

Finally (I feel like I’ve written nothing, ahh!), I just want to compare the pricing. The retail price for 107 is only £5.49 and is available in Boots and Superdrug, therefore making it drugstore. I love Rimmel products in general as they’re so budget-friendly and also easy to get hold of and so this ticks those boxes. Diva, however, costs well over double that at £15.50. Diva is also only available on the Mac website/in the Mac shops so could be a bit harder to find. I realise Mac is a high-end makeup brand but I do think this is a bit price-y for a lipstick no matter what kind of qualities they have.

I think comparing the two and if you are on a budget, go for the Rimmel one, it’s much more worth your while. However, if you are a complete makeup junkie like myself, I would spend extra on Diva as the lasting power is amazing, or if it’s your birthday and you want a really nice, high-end lipstick in this shade. What I’m trying to say is I love both these lipsticks and you should try and get both, but if you can’t choose the Rimmel one. I love both these brands so I can’t actually decide one over the other! I’m sorry!

There we have it! If you have tried either of these lipsticks let me know what you thought of them and whether you would agree on the final verdict. Also, if you’ve made a decision after reading this blog post, let me know what it is and which one you would prefer! I have also included both of these in MOTD so if you look through some of my recent blog posts you should find a couple that will show you what they actually look like when they’re on.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon (hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit better for you!),

Rachel xx


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