Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss Swatches + First Impressions

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you some swatches of the Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Glosses that I received for Christmas. I received them in 5 different colours and I thought I would just show you them and explain my first impressions of them. I’ve worn a couple out before but the rest it was my first time trying them when I took these photos. Once I’ve used them a bit more, I will write a full, in-depth review on them but I haven’t written one of these before and I wanted to so yeah. I think I’ve gone on enough now, lets just get on with this blog post!


Back to front:
Here To Stay
Lights, Camera, Action
My Eternity
Yours Forever


Here To Stay – This is one I’ve been wearing a lot. I love this colour; it’s a perfect nude with coral undertones that really compliments my Snow-White-esque skin. This goes with everything and I need to find out where to buy it from because I feel like it’s going to go pretty quickly.


Candyfloss – This is a bright pink colour with blue undertones (I think…). This is a very Sprinkle of Glitter colour and I feel like I’m going to get a lot of use out of it come the spring/summer. I’ve worn this out once before and I really like it.


Lights, Camera, Action – This is one of the ones I haven’t worn out yet. It’s a pink-y orange with quite a bit of glitter within it. It’s quite similar to Here To Stay but I’m not as happy with the colour pay-off. It could grow on me but for now I think I’ll pick this up on a ‘natural’ day.


My Eternity – In the bottle, this looks like a muted purple but when it’s applied it doesn’t come out like that at all. It’s not very pigmented and dulls the colour of my lips a bit but no colour is added. I don’t think I’ll be using this one as much as the others but never say never.


Yours Forever – I quite like the colour of this one, it reminds me quite a lot of Tanya Burr’s Berry Picking only a tiny bit less pigmented. This doesn’t come out as dark as in the bottle (I would be super chuffed if it did though) but it gives a really good colour pay off. It’s quite a vamp-y colour but as it’s quite sheer it’s still wearable.

And there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, I know I have enjoyed writing it. If you would like to see more of these, let me know, and if you have any suggestions to make it better, let me know of that as well. Let me know which lip gloss’ you like out of this little selection and I can give you a bit more information on it.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. This is the week I’m on holiday so today’s and Thursday’s blog post has been scheduled. This does mean I may not be able to reply to comments that quickly, but I promise you, I will try. Have a great week!


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