EOTD: Birthday Shimmery Smokey Eye

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you the makeup I wore for my birthday meal last night. I was going to upload a blog post yesterday explaining things and just having a bit of chat with you to do with my birthday but I started getting ill and I did kind of forget. Sorry. Anyway, just to quickly round things up for you now, yesterday I turned 15 and I went out for a meal with my best friend, my Mum and my Step-Mum. I’m still ill and yesterday was the first day where it was kind of brewing so my blog posts for this upcoming week may not be entirely up to scratch (again, sorry). I’ve also scheduled blog posts for Tuesday and Thursday as I am going on holiday from Monday to Friday and hopefully I will be able to speak about it a bit more in next weekends blog posts. Enough of that, let’s just get on with today’s blog post!

The products I used on my face last night were:

(I have no idea why that second photo is sideways!)

  • Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate – available from Boots.
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, using Blackheart – available from Feel Unique.

Before this look and I hadn’t even used Naked 3 yet so I did want to incorporate in some way and I received Metallic Pomegranate for my birthday so I thought I would use it (or rather, I was ordered to use it as it ‘was a mission’ to find as my Mum decided to inform me).

The first thing I did was evenly apply Metallic Pomegranate all over my lid using my ring finger. I actually found it quite difficult to apply right into the inner corners of my eyes, so do look out for that. I wanted this to be quite a dark look so I applied this fairly generously. As soon as I used this colour, I fell in love with it and if I wasn’t experimenting I would’ve just left it and applied a bit of eye liner with it. It’s a kind of burgundy colour and it just looks stunning, no wonder it’s so difficult to find!

I then applied Blackheart on the outer third. I did try to make it a V-shape but using a brush that was slightly angled but then I blended it all and it went back to that. Either way, I really liked it. I decided to choose this colour because it wasn’t a black-black and it had a bit of shimmer in so would match Metallic Pomegranate pretty well. I really liked this combination, I thought it looked stunning.

For those that want to know the touches I always add, I also added a little bit of eyeliner and a tiny bit of Toasted from the Naked palette under my bottom lash line. I decided to use a Sleek eye shadow in Noir for my liner as it’s a bit more pigmented and I wanted the liner to be obviously different to the rest of the dark eye. I did keep it pretty small though so it didn’t look too over-dramatic (be proud!). I also applied a little bit of pencil liner to my waterline and outer third of my tightline. I wore a nude lip gloss with this and it just looked stunning. I really liked this look as a whole, I will definitely be wearing it again!

And there we have it! It was that simple. Just don’t forget with this look different shades of different colours and to always blend very carefully and lightly. Let me know what you thought of this look and if you try it, let me know and send me a picture! I’m kinda happy now that being 14 is over if I’m going to be honest; 14 was a pretty life-changing year for me. I know that I could jinx it but *touch wood* I want 15 to be a really happy and good year for me. I want to try and be the best version of me possible and in that way try to emotionally heal myself from a lot that’s happening/has happened. I realise I’ve spent my 15th ill, but hey. Here’s to another year! 15 sounds so old, oh my God, haha. Halfway to 30!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow singletons!


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