Mac Matte Diva Lipstick Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

As some of you may know, for Christmas I received my first ever Mac lipstick; a matte lipstick in Diva. I have been wanting to try out Mac products for the longest time so when I found this for around half the usual price on Ebay I was over the moon. I know some of you may be saying to yourselves ‘oh, it’s fake’ ‘it’s probably harmful’ but if this is fake, it’s still really good and it would definitely convince me! I am planning on one day buying the actual thing and then maybe comparing or just seeing if my current one is fake, but that’s probably a long way off. When am I ever going to have that much money?! I’m going to stop rambling now!


First of all, the packaging. This has the standard, traditional Mac lipstick packaging that is very statement and unique to the others in my collection. I’m currently loving the colour black in general and this really helps to tick those boxes that I may have! Also, in some lights it looks like it has a little bit of glitter or something similar to that within the colour of it. I don’t know how to describe it and it’s probably the glitter-addict in me just seeing it but hey. If it does have it, I love it! It also has the little sticker on the bottom that says the colour and the formula on which I find really helpful (the formula type in particular). My only issue is that the sticker is white so if I get a selection of these lipsticks I could spend a while looking between all the lipsticks to find the one I want. I realise I say that a lot, but it is one of those issues in life!


The colour of this lipstick was not what I was expecting at all. As you can see, in the bullet it looks like a deep, burgundy-type tone but it’s actually very much more of a red. I have nothing wrong with that but as you can expect, from the bullet I was expecting a darker tone. I have grown to love this colour, though, and saw me through the festive period very well. I actually wore this Christmas Day and loved it a lot. I feel like this is going to be my go-to red. I suppose it’s slightly darker than say a primary red but only a tiny little bit. I feel like I’m going into the logistics of red too much! When I first applied it I thought it wasn’t pigmented because of this but it is and I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the product after that!


The formula of this lipstick is matte. For those who are new to the game, Mac offers a range of lipsticks all with different formulas and this one happens to be matte. I genuinely think I’ve found my favourite formula (she says having not tried any of the others!). This applies really nicely though I do feel like the first swipe (what is it called?) has to warm it up slightly in order for it to become a bit creamier. That could be because of the matte formula or just the cold weather, but I thought I’d let you know anyway. Once it’s on, it literally does not budge! I do feel like it sets on your lips and after time if you smack your lips together it doesn’t imprint above/below which is good if your nervous habits are just that, like myself! I literally got back to my hotel after spending Christmas night with my family and talking/drinking (appropriate drinks!)/eating and it was still as I had applied it around 7hrs before. This is going to be one of those lipsticks, I can sense it! It can be slightly drying but if you take it off then apply lip balm straight away, you’re lips are healed pretty quickly. Obviously, this depends on your lip condition/type but I’ve found just a little bit of lip balm sorts me out nicely.

Now for the little odds and ends. The link I used on Ebay meant that this lipstick was only £8.75. The only issue with this is that it isn’t completely sustainable, one day it could be in stock the next it’s not. I realise that can be the same for the actual shop, but the shop has a much higher chance of it being re-stocked. The actual retail price for this on the Mac website is £15.50, so there is a lot of difference in that. If there’s a chance that in my life I have got the money to spend on a lipstick or just spare, then I would pay that but at 14 (next week I turn 15, just saying!) I’m going to go with the Ebay link. I think for those that just want to try a Mac formula/lipstick, this link is worth your while! As I’ve already mentioned, this is available on Mac and Ebay, but there are actual outdoor Mac shops (I know, imagine that!). In my poor person area, there is one shop that sells Mac (and even that is like 25 minutes away on the train) but it also sells a range of other high-end makeup, so it only has a small handful of Mac bits and bobs, meaning that it’s quite difficult for me to get them in real life. Basically, the means of my story is that Mac shops can be difficult to get to, especially if you’re a 5 foot 2 14 year old who is supposed to be studying for a Chemistry test she may have almost certainly failed earlier. That took a depressing turn, lets ignore the deterioration of my school life!

And there we have it! I wrote a fair amount in the last paragraph which is probably the most boring one, so I’m sorry about that one. I do love this lipstick, the colour suits me perfectly and the lasting power makes me want to drown in Mac products. If you have any other Mac products I need to try, let me know and I’ll see what I can do in terms on getting my hands on it. If you have this lipstick or have a lipstick with this formula, do let me know and also let me know what you think, I would love to know!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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