Spending Valentine’s Single

Good Morning Munchkins!

As Valentine’s is literally around the corner, I thought I should just give you Munchkins of mine a little insight to how every single Valentine’s goes for me. For those that don’t know or can’t tell by the title, I’m spending yet another Valentine’s Day single (but this isn’t going to be depressing or Bridget Jones-like, I promise). Why? Because I’m 5ft 2inches tall, my best friend goes by the name of Reese’s and the idea of presenting myself in anyway attractive makes me want to put my hand in a blender. Hopefully one day, someone will be able to see past that! *starts praying* I’m actually listening to ‘Back to Black’ as I type, I seriously need some humans in my life! Despite this loneliness, I do have my views on Valentine’s and am going to share them with you know. I was inspired by the sexy lingerie brand, Adore Me for this blog post and this infographic in particular, so you can go over and thank them personally if you so wish! This is also going to be a long chatty one, so do prepare yourself!


I personally think Valentine’s, much to contrary belief, is actually alright. I’m saying this as someone who has only yet received Valentine’s cards from my oldest friend Sam and have done for the past 10 years. I’ve also been on the receiving end of presents from friends who actually felt sorry for me. Thanks. Now, as you can probably tell from my previous, depressing description of myself, I’m not a pretty girl and have never really been so was never surrounded with boys and begging for air, I was always the one to sit quietly and read whilst all this was happening around me. I do remember this one boy having a bit of a crush on me when we were in like Year 4 (so around 8 or 9 in age) and it was just really awkward and I have sometimes been the person to awkwardly say ‘thanks, you’re such a great friend!’. I think this may be one reason why I’m not all for Valentine’s and am touring the World to explain it to others! I hate friend-zoning people; I just feel so bad about it and then I start thinking they’re the mental one because they fancied me in the first place! Eugh! I honestly don’t understand why anyone would view me in that way anyway, I have lost all my dignity for my love of comedy and spend a solid 70% of my time saying or doing stupid things. Meh. For those that are wondering, I’ve only ever sent Valentine’s cards when I knew it was in the safe zone i.e. to my dear Sam-a-Lam. My Valentine’s usually consist of a lot of old songs from the noughties and watching clips on YouTube from Dan Howell Live Shows. I’m not even sorry about it!

Do I think there is a difference in how males and females celebrate Valentine’s or plan to do so? I think there is a lot of pressure on guys to plan a meal but be spontaneous and romantic at the same time. However, I do think this is one of those times of the year (other than their anniversary/her birthday) where the female in the relationship becomes a lot more needy and expects a lot. If*opens a new box of Malteasers*  I was ever in the situation of being in a relationship around Valentine’s I would not expect much whatsoever. My birthday is literally the day before (13th Feb, don’t you forget it!) so I would much prefer an  amazing birthday and just a card for Valentine’s rather than amazing everything because I know how stressful that can get. I worry about money a lot! I think the girls that sit there and give them a list as if it’s their birthday or Christmas have the strongest boyfriends; I would not be able to deal with that!

Despite this, I have planned my ideal Valentine’s treat (it’s a bit more than a date!) though it does coincide with my birthday so it’s fine. I’ve also told my best friend this so once I get into a serious relationship, she can tell him and my dreams will come true. This would be for one year as well, not every year! I would love a weekend away to Paris. I’ve only been to Paris once in my life and that was for Disneyland, so I’m not sure if that actually counts! This would hopefully be on a weekend where my birthdays on a Saturday and Valentine’s on a Sunday (like this year) and we would go on my birthday and sight-see and do all the really nice lovely things and really spoil each other and it would just be great. He would also propose, just saying! I realise it’s a bit much, but we can all dream, can’t we? For an everyday kind of thing, I’m seriously happy with a takeaway and movie night. It’s what I do nearly every weekend anyway but hey, it’s what I like! I also like the little things like a photo of the two of us or something like that, or something meaningful. I was also searching through Adore Me after hearing about their campaign and came across this little underwear set which I would actually love on my body very much. You don’t even need to be my boyfriend, I would just love this! This is called the Candy Contour set I believe and I love how it’s a standard black but with little flowery detailing on it which gives it a bit more of a ‘hey, I’m fun’ kind of vibe. Maybe this is why I’m single! It also has quite a thick piece of material under the under-wire itself on the bra which I like as I know it will keep me all safely in check and raise them up that little bit more.

If I had to give a Valentine’s present to someone other than a friend, I would not hold back! I like to think of myself as someone who likes to spoil someone but manages to do it very budget-y (though I hate when people feel bad because then I feel bad for making them feel bad … does that make sense?). I would probably make them a hamper or something really thoughtful, decorated and based in there favourite colour/s and full of their favourite things. It might sound like a lot but these would just be little things like their favourite drink or chocolate or something like that. Something where he opens it and is just like ‘Oh my God, I really wasn’t expecting that’. Unless he reads this blog post then he will know. Hi, future boyfriend! I think it will slowly drift out of our lives once we’ve gotten older or had kids or something but I think when you’re young it’s something really sweet and nice to celebrate with one another.

Besides saying all of this, I am a very happy single person (a very happy person in general, actually!) and will treat Valentine’s Day like any other day in my calendar. It will be kind of harder because my Mum and her fiancee will be the little loved up couple of the household but you know what? There are a lot of McDonalds near where I live where I can go with all the other singletons in the area and forget about our lack of love life with a burger. Yup, sorted! I guess I am on the look-out for a boyfriend if a ‘potential’ should come my way but I think if anything happens between now and Valentine’s Day we wouldn’t really buy each other anything as it’s too soon into the relationship.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, I feel like I haven’t had a massive catch up with you in ages! I do like chatty blog posts, despite the fact I can ramble on a *little* bit. Let me know you’re plans for Valentine’s Day, whether your all loved up or all tucked up with Netflix and a pizza!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx




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