Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Berry Picking Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I have a review for you all on the new (well, newer) Tanya Burr Lip Gloss’ and the shade I will be sharing with you today is Berry Picking. I have a few from the original collection that I adore but those are in more summer-y colours so I decided to get myself a new one in a winter-y colour. Also, I just wanted a bit of that packaging in my life! I’ve never written a review about the Tanya Burr Lip Gloss’ (that I can remember) and as it’s a new range it may have a new formula to go alongside it so do enjoy. In case any of you are wondering why some of this might sound a bit ‘meh’ or something isn’t right it’s because I went to the hospital today for my eyes and they dilated them so I looked like a cat and went blind and now have a headache. Other than that, I’m fine! Nothing wrong with me in the slightest! I also included this lip gloss in a MOTD a little while back so if you would like to see that you can click HERE.

So first of all I’m going to talk about the packaging. Oh-me-oh-my is this some stunning packaging! I loved the sleekness of the original packaging and how minimalist it was but this is like the more glamorous baby sister if you will. Basically my little brother once I’ve taught him eyeliner like a pro. I love the gold lid (handle, lip gloss wand holder??), it makes it look more than just a lip gloss (anyone else now thinking of those old M&S adverts?) and also how the typography on it is a matching shiny gold. I’m literally like a magpie, so this is amazing! It’s also really easy to find in my lip stash as it’s so unique. Also, the actual typography itself looks like it’s been written on a typewriter which is also very nice. The gold matches the colour of the lip gloss really well if you ask me! My only slight issue is that you can see fingerprints on the gold lid so could end up looking a little grubby after a while. Other than that, it’s seriously stunning! It also has a doe-foot applicator on the end of the gold lid which makes applying the lip gloss really easy.

I’m really sorry it’s fuzzy!

Now the colour and the smell! As you may have read from other bloggers or people that have used it, this has the smell of watermelon. They were not lying! This smells amazing and it feels more like a treat for your lips because of that. However, I don’t think that smell matches this specific colour as this is a winter-y colour but it’s a summer-y smell. I do understand she can’t have different scents for each colour but it’s a bit of a shock; with a colour like this you would expect something like cinnamon and it’s nearly the complete opposite. I like watermelon anyway, so it’s fine. The colour of this is to die for. I have a fair few winter-y reds now and this one is actually quite different to them. This has more of a purple undertone but is still a very deep, beautiful red. Not a classic red, but still a beautiful one. This one also has fine particles of glitter within it which is all the better in my books! Tanya has cut down her colours quite a lot since her first collection, but there’s still a variety of colours to choose from which I’m hoping to get my hands on!

Onto the product itself! My other Tanya Burr Lip Gloss’, as I mentioned before, are more summer-y coloured so if they came off it didn’t really matter as they were pretty neutral anyway. And also, it was in the summer which was a very long time ago and I can’t really remember! I did have high hopes for this one though and it did not disappoint! I feel like this lip gloss glides really nicely onto the lips with a really beautiful texture (not watery but not sticky) and lasts the majority of the day. Like other lip glosses, it can kind of ‘dry up’, if you will, on the lip but there is still a tint of the colour left which I love. This just means I don’t have to constantly be reapplying! It’s also not drying in the slightest and doesn’t cling to any dry patches. Basically a beautiful lip gloss range which you need in your collection!


Now for all the smaller things. The price of this lip gloss is £5.99. Personally, I find that a bit higher than other lip products I adore like the Rimmel lipsticks, but for this product I would pay that. It isn’t ridiculously priced but when you do look at the Kate Moss lipsticks, for example, it’s £1.50 more. I know it doesn’t sound like much and I’m going to sound really tight, but hey! I actually bought this when it was on offer for like £3.99 which I found really cheap! There is clearly no pleasing me! This range of lip glosses is available at Superdrug and Feel Unique (which ships internationally) so it’s available for everyone to love and hold. The entire Tanya Burr collection is available on there actually, just FYI (does anyone still actually say that?!).

Overall, I love this lip gloss and I can definitely say that I will be purchasing some more of them and maybe even looking into the rest of the collection. Apart from lashes. Lashes that aren’t actually attached to my own face scare me. I would highly recommend these to everyone reading as there is definitely one colour in this collection that will float your boat!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. I have a little cheeky blog post going up on Sunday!


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