Christmas Money Haul 2016: Claires, New Look & Boohoo

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I have a haul for you which I haven’t done in the longest time so I’m just really excited! These are items I bought with money that I got for Christmas so most of the stuff I’m going to show you was in the sales (I’m sorry). Everything I’ve bought I truly love as I feel like if I’m spending other people’s money I shouldn’t waste it. This is mainly fashion related but there are some other bits and bobs I’m going to show you. I’m so excited to show you everything I’ve bought! This one may be a long one so do get yourself a hot beverage to enjoy whilst we recollect everything! Also, I have the worst memory so I’m not going to include any prices just so I don’t feel bad when I leave some out.

The first place I went was Claire’s as I had a voucher and vouchers are the reason I leave the house after Christmas, if I’m going to be honest! I’m nearly 15 (which is just weird and odd in all ways) so I do struggle to look for things in Claire’s I will use and make the most out of; my go to would be 20 million lip balms but I already have so many of them to use up as it is!

I’m sorry for the bluriness of this photo, I promise they’re not all like this!

The first thing I purchased from there was this canvas board that says ‘Enjoy the little things’ in blue glitter. They had a range of these and this one was my favourite out of the selection and let’s be honest, this looks so cool! I have this hung up on my wall so it brings a lot of colour to my white walls. Nothing like a glittery, motivational quote! Also, I thought it was funny because I’m small so enjoy this little bundle of 5 foot 1 goodness (though the other day I got measured and it said I was 5ft2 and a half inches. I don’t think so!)! I really like this and it’s hung on the wall at the end of my bed so when I wake up every morning it’s there to greet me! The canvas itself is fairly small (I don’t know measurements, I’m sorry!) so can fit into any space you may have. It also has a hook so can easily be placed onto a nail in the wall because everyone has loads of them lying around, clearly!


The second thing I bought from Claires was a Pineapple flavoured face mask. As I type I haven’t yet used it but I’m really excited to; I love tropical fruits as it reminds me of holidays (and sun and orange and all the good things I miss so much in life!). I don’t use face masks all the time as I do tend to forget I have them on and so don’t wash them off but I think I’m going to enjoy this one a lot! I don’t know how many benefits it has but I’m going to share this with my Mum because I chose this one with her and I know how much she likes pampering! Yay!

The second place I went was New Look but this was online so you’re probably more likely to get this stuff! Haha. I bought a *lot* from here so I’m going to try and categorise it but hey, it’s me! Also, there are a lot of crop tops and I did want to write a crop top look book with other one’s I already own in the Spring so let me know if you still want to see that. I probably will, but hey! And I look really fat in these photos, I’m sorry for burning your eyes!


I think I will actually start with the crop tops. The first I bought was this grey one with quite thick straps and a button-style feature at the front. I love this and I think I’ll get to much wear out of this one! The crop tops are really cheap at the moment in the sale at New Look so grab some whilst you can! If I’m going to be really honest, I wanted this because I knew that the circular neckline would really make certain curves stand out and make them look their best, so sorry for that! It is sleeveless so I am going to keep it for Spring/Summer but I could wear this with leggings, jeans, my black leather skirt, just everything! Even shorts, maybe, if I’m feeling really adventurous! This is one of my favourites! Also, because of the thick straps I don’t have to worry about a bra! Girl issues, seriously!


The next crop top I bought was this one here and it has an absolutely gorgeous pink and black floral pattern on! I look disgusting in this picture, I’m so sorry! I feel like this one is a little longer so could potentially be tucked into a very high-waisted skirt but I love it. Being ‘big-chested’ I may struggle with the bra strap issue as it has spaghetti straps but we’ll work around it, we’ll find a way! For this top, I will. I don’t know why I got so many crop tops; I just went on a splurge! Body confidence! I feel like the last one was very everyday whereas this one could be more dress-y perhaps because of the pattern. I did buy this for the pattern; it’s so stunning though it does look more black and white in the picture. It does show my cleavage off a bit too which I like.


The third crop top is this neon orange, ribbed textured one. These were everywhere last summer and so I thought I would jump on the band wagon. When taking these photos I was wearing a terrible bra, I’m sorry (I feel like all I’m doing is apologising!)! I did buy this just because it was orange and orange is my life; I’m not even kidding you! I don’t actually own that many orange items of clothing so I thought this one would just be perfect and it was so cheap as well! I could also pair this with black shorts in the summer or just leggings or whatever. I love it though! Oh, and all three of these crop tops were stretchy and ranged from a size 10-14 because when you love something you will shrink for it!


I did also buy a normal sized top and it was another orange one only this one is more of a lighter orange, more of a peach if you will. This is in a 12 but it’s HUGE! This is supposed to be baggy and it really is! This is just another everyday top with a small pocket (my hairs kind of hiding it but you can see the bottom of it) and it has mid-tops-of-the-arm’s length. I think I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this as well as you can wear it with shorts or leggings or jeans or just about anything! I love everyday tops, they’re so comfy and you can wear them anytime, anywhere. New Look is also really good quality and because it’s pretty plain this could last me years. It is very long though (it goes past my bum) so I do have to slightly raise it when wearing it so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing my Mum’s clothes (despite my Mum being smaller than me!)!


In everyday wear, I also bought this pair of leggings. Well, they were called leggings but they’re a bit thicker and sturdier than leggings so I’d call them trousers if we’re going to be fussy about it! I’ve wanted a pair of ‘leggings’ with a pattern on like this for literally years as it will go with any plain top or black/plain jumper so would be really handy. Other than this I literally own black jeans, black leggings and one pair of blue jeggings. I just wanted a bit of life and I think with something plain on top it can look really nice. Also, building that confidence up! Like leggings, it doesn’t have any kind of zip or anything, they’re just a pull-up kind of thing (which is a bonus in my books considering I forget about fliers a lot! My life is one massive awkward moment, I swear!).


Onto nightwear, I bought this blue and red, tartan patterned playsuit. I don’t own anything like this and I thought this would be perfect for summer. I realise a lot of this is for summer but it was so cheap I couldn’t resist it! Considering it was in the sale as well it’s really good quality! It has spaghetti straps and has a really thin, lightweight material so will be great for those hot Summer Nights (name that musical!). I just hope I’m not jinxing hot weather for 2016! Very looking forward to wearing this. Also, if I do go on a summer holiday this wear, it’s very small and easy to fold-up so won’t take up much room in my bag. I don’t know how I’m going to feel once this is uploaded and this picture is out there … oh well! Body Confidence Round 2!


I also bought myself a new dressing gown which I’m entirely in love with! This is very easily another of my favourites! My current one is pink with lighter pink hearts on from Monsoon in size 9-10 (years, might I add) and is still too big for me so I thought it was time for a new one! This one is in Medium and fits me perfectly. It’s not too long or too short and ties round comfortably. The best bit: ‘This girl loves sleep’ is written in black on the back and it just describes me perfectly! It’s more of a creamy white and is super soft and fluffy and I’m just in love with this dressing gown! I would literally sleep in this as well, it’s so cosy!


Onto socks. I love socks and they had an offer on which I had to take. The one’s with a penguin face on once you line them up were in the sale and were really good value for SOCKS with PENGUINS on (I could not want much more in life!) so of course into my basket it went! I also bought three other pairs which were in an offer for something like 3 for 2 or something like that, I’m not too sure. One is navy with red anchors on (I’m craving an anchor tattoo!), another is white with cartoon/superhero-style words on (like ‘Boom’, ‘Pow’, etc., we’re a very superhero based family!) and another with red tartan print (they were too cute!). I wear socks literally all the time and I have a weird obsession for them so it was a no brainer really!


The last thing I bought from New Look was this Top/Base Coat Nail Polish. You know when you’ve got that odd £3 or so left and you don’t know what to get because you’ve already bought 4 pairs of socks and 3 crop tops so you turn to the Beauty section for much needed help! I didn’t want to buy just any old nail polish because I don’t paint my nails very often and I didn’t want it to go to waste so I bought a pretty basic Top/Base Coat one as I don’t actually own one. This may help longevity and taking it off so I will get back to you for that. This was also the one thing I bought that wasn’t in the sale.

The final place I went was Boohoo. I had just ordered from New Look but the dress I’d ordered went out of stock before it could get sent to my house so I turned to Boohoo for my retail therapy! I don’t have too much from Boohoo but I genuinely love that website and their stock lasts so long, so yes I will be linking what I bought, you lucky people! I knew I wanted a winter dress (as that is what I ordered from New Look and had set my heart on) and soon I came across this dress:


Oh buddy! This is a bottle-green, long-sleeved swing dress and words cannot describe the love I feel for it! I might even wear it for my birthday with black tights and black heels! This is more evening than the dress I’d seen on New Look but I’m very OK with that. It has a slightly thin material but it is warm and very soft and my life is now complete! I love this colour for winter; I feel it really compliments me and I know come December I will wear this a lot for Christmas! Talking about Christmas again already, oh dear! This came in a range of colours and was also very affordable. I’m sometimes unsure of swing dresses because they can either be really flattering (especially for curvier girls) or hang off your boobs and make you look like you’re expecting triplets but this one has ticked all my boxes and I’m very happy about it!

And there we have it! The world’s biggest haul done! Let me know what you bought with your Christmas money if you did get some, or instead what presents you did get and are currently loving. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post as much as I have!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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    1. Haha, I know! I’m not sure if you’ve been watching this UK series of Celebrity Big Brother but I think I’ve seen Stephanie wear it so that also makes me feel a little bit better, haha! Sorry if you have no idea what I’m on about, reality TV is literally my life! Rachel xx

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