Jumpers and Leather Skirt Outfits | Winter

Good Evening Munchkins!

I feel like I haven’t properly written in ages (a couple of my previous ones were scheduled, I like that button!) so I’m very happy and ready to be writing this one for you today! I have a fashion blog post for you today (I really don’t write enough of these!) of very simple looks that I have been loving this winter! As you can probably tell by the title, this is based on jumpers and my little black, leather, skater skirt which I adore! I was initially inspired by Tanya Burr but came up with these looks along the way! I love these looks, I hope you do to! I wear the same leather skirt throughout and it’s from Lily Lulu and as it’s a winter-y look, I pair all the looks with black tights. I have 5 looks in total to show you and the first 3 have actually been worn to the outside and the other 2 I’m very keen to, for those that wanted that information (i.e. none of you! I’m sorry!).


This is the look that started it all! During Vlogmas, Tanya Burr wore an outfit with a black leather skirt and a black and white jumper and I knew I had to try it out with my equivalents! I’ve only worn this once but I love it; it’s a bit more than casual but a bit less than smart which sometimes I want. With monochrome looks like this I love to wear a red lip and there are so many other makeup opportunities that you can change every time you wear it, which I love! The jumper is fairly thin but it can keep you warm in slightly milder weather. I bought it from Primark a few years ago now and it’s one of my most favourite purchases!


This is an outfit I wore when I went to go see a pantomime with my family (see the makeup I wore HERE, cheeky!). This jumper is absolutely gorgeous with this skirt or just with leggings and I would even go as far to say it’s my favourite jumper I’m about to show you! I saw this in H&M whilst shopping with my Granny and literally exploded with how gorgeous it was! Being the amazing Grandmother she is, she then got it for me for Christmas. I love it so much; it’s the same kind of thickness as the white one but is in a burgundy/purple colour and has a white, lace collar that, as you know, I love! It’s also the same kind of material as the white one, but this is a nice everyday alternative if I want a bit more ‘hello, I like lace and dark colours, come socialize with me’. Yes, that is literally my life! I love this and this might still be available so get your running shoes on, Munchkins!


This is the last outfit out of the 5 I’m going to show you that I’ve worn out (for those that read my intro you would know that, does anyone actually ever read my intro? I think I babble too much for that!) and I wore this one to my Granny’s birthday meal last month (see makeup HERE, yes, I’ve done it again!). This isn’t one I would rush to wear again immediately, but I didn’t hate it. I love this jumper on it’s own, it’s very relaxed and chilled but maybe too much so for an evening out like I wore this to. This jumper came from Ebay (where all the best things in the world are!) and it’s one of those slouchy ones where it shows one shoulder and is really baggy. It has a white anchor on it which is slightly ‘decorated’ I guess you could say with an Aztec print. It was alright but as I say, I wouldn’t rush to wear it again. I didn’t actually wear this with black tights, I risked it and wore none! Woah there, pony!


This is an outfit I haven’t yet tried but am willing to. Like the previous outfit, I’m not going to rush to wear it, but at least I have it in my bank of outfits! Whether I’d wear this with black tights or not I haven’t quite decided yet. This is a jumper I got for Christmas but it’s from Ebay and has the Superman logo on. My family has a raging addiction for all Superheros and the Avengers and everything like that, so I knew I needed one of these (my Step-Mum got the Batman one). I think my Mum chose for me because I actually can’t remember choosing it for myself! This is another slouchy, off-the-shoulder one and it’s actually really, really long. I realise I’m also the smallest human ever, but I could wear this as a bodycon dress on it’s own, it’s so long! I’d obviously have to tone up, but it’s literally massive! That’s an outfit idea on its own right there! In the picture the neckline looks really unflattering, I just hadn’t pulled the sleeve down enough!


First off, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise how blurry this picture was! This is the final outfit and another I haven’t actually worn but I’m definatley going to. This is my favourite cosy jumper and I love this outfit so much! I think I would wear this with black tights though, just to carry on the black atmosphere, haha. This jumper I bought off Amazon and it’s on of the TRXYE one’s (the Troye Sivan merchandise from his EP) and I’ve never loved a jumper more! As I mentioned earlier, I love monochrome looks so that I can change my makeup with it all the time and I’m just going to have so much fun with this, I can already tell! Unlike the others, this jumper is really thick and has a fleece-type inside, so you could just wear it on it’s own. I love this so much, I just need to find a time to wear it!

And there we have it! I love this type of look, I hope you do too! Let me know who you’ve recently been inspired by fashion-wise or what you’re favourite styles are in the winter! Also, serious time, I’m really starting to consider starting a Twitter or a Facebook page for this blog: I desperately want your thoughts! I really want to know your views on this and whether I should or not! I think it would be a great way to connect further with you guys, but if no-one really uses either of these platforms I won’t bother! Thank you in advance!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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