MOTD: Family Pantomime 2015

Good Evening Munchkins!

I’m pre-writing this blog post because the day this goes up is actually the day I go back to school so I thought I’d be a bit kinder to myself! From now until probably the February half-term (haven’t quite decided what to do with that yet, will explain at a later date) I will be uploading with my usual routine (every Tuesday and Thursday) which will be a shock considering Blogmas but hey, let’s all have a bit of a break! Today I will be showing you the makeup I wore when I went to go see the pantomime Cinderella with my family. I love going to the theatre and I didn’t go see a pantomime last year for the first time ever and so I was really in the mood and was very excited to go. I did want to wear nice makeup for it even though to others it might not really matter as much, but Arg from TOWIE was in it and we were near the front so I couldn’t look like a tramp! I loved the pantomime it was so funny and the slip-ups were better than anything else! I also wanted to try out new makeup I had received at Christmas so I knew what I wanted from it.

So the products I used for this look were:


This look was very simple as I was just trying makeup but I still thought I should share my thoughts with you along the way. I will be writing a proper review of the lip gloss (with the new line, it might be a different formula etc.) in a later blog post so I’ll try to not go on about that one too much! I won’t be writing a review on the eye shadow, however, because I’ve already written a review on the 24hr Colour Tattoo’s by Maybelline and it’s the same collection so hopefully that explains it!

For my eyes I literally just packed this on with my middle finger as, like the others, it has a really creamy formula. This is so glittery but so easy to blend and I love it! It’s very neutral so would be suitable for everyday wear but also gives that extra-ness when you need it. I think on days where I’m feeling fairly lazy or have no new or exciting ideas to try out, this will be what I turn to.  I was expecting this to be a bit darker, however, as it looked it in the pot but the colour it came out as was a lot more everyday-wearable as I’ve previously mentioned. I don’t really know what else to say! I also used my usual Crave eye shadow by Urban Decay for my winged eyeliner.


On my lips I just directly applied Berry Picking which resulted in a deep red with purple/pink undertones (though in the picture it does looks a lot more red). It’s a lot more purple-y toned than it looks and actually makes my skin look a lot brighter. I really like this colour and, as you will know, I love the Tanya Burr lip glosses. This is just stunning and would look perfect with quite a dark eye like I was wearing or even just a neutral eye for a more daytime look (though the pantomime was in the day, I don’t know!).

And there we have it! It feels like I haven’t written anything but I’ve actually run out of things to say! Who thought that would ever happen, eh? If you went to see a pantomime this year let me know which one and if you’ve been trying out new makeup, let me know what and how you’re getting on!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx



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