Best of 2015

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you my Best of 2015 which is kind of like a Favourites but I’m going to make it a bit more vague because as far as I can remember, everything in here I’ve included in a Favourites at some point throughout the year. This is something I’ve been planning since the beginning of the year but despite that I don’t actually have that many (probably because I don’t want to bore you with things I’ve mentioned about a million times before!). This is mostly beauty related as that’s what I’ve thrown myself into this year so make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy whatever this turns out to be!


My first Best of 2015 is the Wake Me Up collection from Rimmel. Everyone and their Mother’s cat have heard of this foundation/concealer collection and after years of lust, I took the plunge. This was a well taken plunge, dear Munchkins of mine! I do prefer the foundation but only because the concealer (which is in the lightest colour available, might I add) looks a bit orange on me and I don’t like the look of being savagely attacked by Wotsits. This foundation is dewy but can easily be mattified with powder so is very versatile, it smells of cucumber (I finally discovered what smell it was!) and it is light enough for my paper-white skin! It’s also budget friendly and the packaging is orange – literally the two most important things for me! I own the foundation in the colour Light Porcelain and the concealer in Ivory. The concealer is available HERE and HERE and the foundation you can find HERE and HERE. I also wrote a full, in-depth review which you can find HERE.

My next Best of 2015 is another Rimmel collection and is the Kate Moss line of lipsticks. I got this, again, because of the good things said about it and because I love changing the colour of my lips! I currently own a pink-y nude shade in 38 and a deep red matte in 107 and I love both (though the matte can dry my lips out)! I wore 38 a lot during the summer and have even got away with it during the winter if I wore a very smokey, dark look for a night out so this one is a must! I was always scared that nude lipsticks would never cover my lips because I have very pigmented lips, but hey, it managed it! Also, the red is such a perfect colour for Christmas and has amazing lasting power that you just need it, you just do! Find 38 HERE and HERE and 107 HERE and HERE. I wrote a review on this too, which can be found HERE.

My third Best of 2015 will be no surprise to those who have read my blog for a while and it’s the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos. I currently own the colours Pink Gold (yes, I did nearly type ‘Rose’ Gold), Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze (I got a new one! Expect it in a MOTD coming your way soon!), all of which are shimmer, which I think says a lot about me! I am interested in getting the matte ones, but why get a caterpillar when you can get a butterfly first? And if I didn’t have shimmer in my life I would just be an average human, and we can’t have that, can we? These have a cream/gel formula (though I’d say more cream) and are so pigmented and easy to apply and my life without them is just non-existent! On and On Bronze is a lot more day-to-day but hey, I’m still going to wear pink and gold on my eyes just to go get a pint of milk! These are so beautiful and you need them in your life, seriously! If you want to read an ancient review, you can do HERE or you can purchase them from HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.


Another Best of 2015 I have for you is wearing cosy jumpers or sweatshirts with an added twist of a full face of makeup. I really like this, I think it looks so effortlessly cool but you’re still comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. By this, I do mean going out not just staying in and not letting any human see your perfectly contoured face. I’ve been loving this recently, especially with black jumpers and red lips – perfection! It also looks like you’re a very casual person but not so casual you belong on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Also, the opportunities you have with all the different makeup you can wear are just amazing! This is what I tend to do on weekends when I’m tired from school but still want that defined eyebrow life! Yes, need it!


My final best of 2015 is Urban Decay eye shadows. As you may or may not know, I now own the Naked palettes and also the Naked Basics palette, so I feel it’s fair enough to rave on about the whole brand now! I actually do use the Naked Basics palette every day and when the colours eventually run out, I will hold a mini funeral for it, I love it so much! The pigmentation is stunning, if it’s a shimmer colour it does not hold back on the glitter, they stay on all day and they’re just amazing! It could be just these palettes, but I’m willing to try the single eye shadow pots and prove people wrong! I would even go as far to say Urban Decay is my favourite high-end brand (*touch wood*). I would recommend these to anyone and if you need to use your life-savings – do it! If you want to buy the Naked Basics Palette, click HERE, Naked 1 HERE, Naked 2 HERE and Naked 3 HERE. It’s like Link City round here!

And there we have it! I do hope you have enjoyed this blog post and if you have any recommendations, of course leave them in the comments! Let me know what you’re Best of 2015 has been, I would love to know and also try some of them out! I hope you guys had a good opening to the New Year (let me know how you spent it!) and I realise I didn’t say that earlier and I feel so rude! I’m so sorry!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

Here’s to 2016 Munchkins!


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