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Good Morning Munchkins!

Today’s Christmas Eve, I cannot tell you how excited I am. As I type all the families presents are in my room so my brothers don’t find them and I legitimately feel like an elf. To go alongside that, I will be sharing with you my Christmas Wishlist but I’ll only be showing the beauty things as the other things you may not be so interested in. I’m so excited but if I don’t get it all my birthday’s in February so I can just wait another 50 days! Haha, I’m joking, I’ll love everything. This is also the things I remember asking for because my Mum is someone who asks for your Christmas list in August. My Step-Mum finished my shopping in August. Yep. So yeah, enjoy watching me lust for hopefully one last day.

The first thing I’ve been lusting after for so long are the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I did just ask for the first one but my Mum found a link on Ebay where they were incredibly cheap so she said she’d buy me all three. I literally cannot believe it, but I am getting less presents than everyone else so it is equal. I’m so excited to get new palettes to play with! Last year I received the Naked Basics Palette and I use that literally everyday, so I know I will get a lot of use and pleasure out of the originals.

Maybelline Face Master Sculpt 01 Light/Medium

The next thing in the Maybelline Master Sculpt Compact. This is something I’ve been lusting after since it came out and since it’s Christmas, might as well stick it on my list. I really need a real highlighter and contour product in my life, I need cheekbones! I’m just as excited for this as I am the palettes; it’s on that level! I don’t know why, it just shouts out to me and I’m buzzing for it to enter my life!

To change things up a bit I also asked for the Real Technique Brushes (Core and Starter Collections). We also found a cheaper link on Ebay so Mother said she could get both and I’m so excited for it! I’ve been using my orange Model’s Own’s one’s for like 4 years and there are only 4 brushes in that set so it’s been a heavy mix of using brushes and using hands. Just imagine how much better my blending will look! In saying that, I will keep my Model’s Own’s one because I do like them and also, they’re ORANGE!

The final thing is Diva lipstick by MAC. Again, we found a cheaper link on Ebay and this was the colour I preferred out of the bunch offered (can you see a theme going on here?!). From what I’ve seen in the picture, Diva is a dark, vamp-y colour that has red undertones and I don’t have a lipstick like that so I cannot wait to receive this! I feel like I would get so much use out of this as I would wear dark lips all the way up to my birthday; last year I did anyway. To finally be able to say I own a MAC lipstick is just crazy (I’m getting into grown-up makeup!).

And there we have it! Just a few things that I have been lusting after and have been jotted down onto my Wishlist! I hope you don’t think this is bragging or anything, most of this stuff isn’t even the RRP. If that’s illegal, I’m sorry, we did nothing! As well as that, I know some high-end makeup off Ebay is dodgy or can be seen that way but trust me, when I’m rich in about 10 years time, I’ll buy them off the real websites! I’m joking, I’m never going to be rich! Let me know what’s on your wishlist this Christmas or you’re views on any of the products I’ve mentioned (please keep it positive, tomorrow’s the big day!).

I actually cannot believe this is the last blog post of Blogmas. Where has the time gone? The month, the year, the everything! I’m actually going to miss the stress of uploading every day, haha! I will be uploading every second day though and then when I go back to school it will be the usual Tuesday and Thursday routine (I go back on the 5th). I’m uploading every second day as I have a few end of the year/month things that need to be done for you and some other makeup ones and I wanted to spread them out evenly so that’s how it panned out. Expect a lot of reviews as well!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas (or just a wonderful day if you don’t celebrate Christmas) and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx

*Pictures are not my own


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist 2015 | Blogmas”

  1. You’ve asked for some really lovely things – so lucky! I’m sure you’ll absolutely adore the Naked palettes; I’m so obsessed with mine! The texture of the shadows is just incredible!
    Have a fab Christmas & new year! xx

    1. And you! Thank you so much – the opportunity to put more things on my face is too great at this time of year! I hope you also get everything you’ve asked for and have a whole load of fun! xx

      1. Thank you so much! And yes same haha – fingers crossed Santa is loading some makeup-related gifts onto the sleigh now, hehe 🙂 xx

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