Christmas Nails 2015 | Blogmas

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you how I’ve done my nails for Christmas this year. In the UK (or England, I’m not sure, I’m not particularly educated!) we have two weeks off for Christmas so I’m planning on keeping these nails for that amount of time and think I’ve just about nailed it (see what I did there?!). I’m not a nail-type person so don’t judge, but for me this is some exciting stuff! Also, for those that want to know I have O.P.I’s I’m Not Really a Waitress on my toes but I know how people feel about toes so I didn’t include a picture!

I used two nail varnishes for this look; O.P.I’s Lincoln Park After Dark and a Silver Glitter one from Claires (came in a pack of 5 or 6 other coloured glitter nail polishes). There are other nail varnishes out there which I’m sure are just as good but these were the colours I had when I decided to decorate my nails!

All I did was apply three coats of the Lincoln Park After Dark (after waiting for it to dry after each one, my impatience was burning) and then a coat or two of the silver glitter on my ring fingers (I’ve actually forgotten the name and I’m too scared I’m going to get it wrong!). It’s so simple but I think it looks so beautiful! The reason I apply so many layers of Lincoln Park After Dark is because it’s a dark maroon-y colour and I love black on my nails! It doesn’t take much but it’s so worth it! I think black looks so chic and sophisticated and this one has a glossy finish so looks so amazing! I knew that as it was Christmas I should have at least some glitter on my nails for everyday and I was wondering for ages (my finalists were gold, red and silver, well done to all of them for getting that far!) but thought silver matched it perfectly and that it looked a little bit like snow. I think this is a look I might have to do every half-term holidays with different glitter as it’s all of my favourite things in one! Also, no matter what you wear, you’re nails will match as everything goes with black! I have a skin tone that goes well with silver and gold but my everyday jewelry is silver so it matches that as well! This is so organised, I’m so sorry!

And there we have it! I just thought I’d write a quick little blog post about my nails for those that are interested as around Christmas everyone makes that little bit of extra effort, I think. If you’ve done you’re nails for Christmas this year, let me know how you’ve done it or what you’re staple Christmas nail look is!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve! Oh my God, where has the month gone?! I’m so excited!



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