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Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Today I’m bringing you a blog post based on the new Star Wars film. I haven’t yet seen the new film but my brother did the other day and said it was amazing and I’d love it, so I think I may have to! When I was younger, my Dad would also watch them so I did as well and yes, I cried when Darth Vader died! Anyway, today I will be giving you a makeup tutorial (I haven’t written one of these in ages, I’m so excited!) based on the Droid-type characters from the Light Side. I basically knew that I needed to do something in order to celebrate the release of these new films and I’d seen that Max Factor had done a collection based on it so started looking through their photos on the Boots website (find HERE) and came up with this look I’m about to show you. Their version of the Droid was golden, glowy, sophisticated and was very stripped back. I saw it as a one-colour scheme kind of look, so went to my drawing board (not literally!) and decided to do mine with purple. I have no idea why purple, but purple it was! This is just a blog post of me shoving as many purples onto my face as possible! Why is it only now I’m thinking this would’ve been a perfect collaboration blog post?? Oh dear, Rach!

The products I used for the eyes were:



  • Technic Purple Eye Shadow
  • Claire’s Purple Heart Eye Shadows
  • Essence Metallic Effect Eye Shadow in 19 Disco Diva
  • Sugar Plum Eye Shadow

I got most of these eye shadows from magazines and the Essence one I don’t think is available any more as I bought it so long ago in Ireland, so I’m really sorry. Just a range of purple eye shadows will do for this look! This wasn’t even all my purple ones, just the ones I took out and thought ‘yep, I’ll do something with that!’. Maybe I do have too much makeup …


The first thing I did was sweep the Technic Eye Shadow all across my lid using a blending brush, just as a base-type thing. This is the only one out of the bunch that was matte, hence my choice for a base! I was pleasantly surprised by this one, actually; very pigmented.


Using the same brush, I took the bottom colour from the Claire’s Heart Quad and applied this to my outer third and crease (mainly sticking to my outer crease there as well). I was deciding for ages which colour I should use for this and I’m going to be honest, this colour did the trick! It’s dark but not too dark and it gave it the extra-ness it needed.


I then took Disco Diva and swept this across my entire lid to get everything to blend together nicely. It also managed to lighten the lid and add shimmer to the entire eye! It’s so pretty!


I then took the bottom colour from the Claire’s Heart and again applied it to my crease to re-intensify it all. I do want things blended all together, but I do love my crease definition!


Taking an angled brush I dipped it into the darkest colour (top right) of the Claire’s Heart and used it as eyeliner. Nothing is stopping me having eyeliner! This was a lot more blue than I was expecting but it still had purple tones to it which did tie in with the look. This was a lot more difficult to apply than my usual black so I did have to work that little bit harder to get my flick and trace my lash line.


Finally, I used Sugar Plum as my inner corner highlight. If I was doing this look on my whole face, I would also use this as highlight under my brow bone, top of my cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupids bow and those types of usual places. And with this look, Munchkins of mine, you do not need to hold back. Use as much glitter as humanly possible. You’re welcome.

The products I used for my lips were:


  • Mirror Mirror Purple Eyeliner 
  • Sugar Plum Eye Shadow (yes, the same as before!)

I will just put it out there, I did apply lip balm before applying these other products and I preferred how it looked quite glossy. You may disagree and want the matte finish, but just so you know why it looks oh-so-glossy.


The first thing I did for my lips was just applied the eyeliner directly onto my lips. I don’t really know how to describe the consistency of this eyeliner, but it reminds me of a cream eye shadow, so it glided on really easily. I was also really surprised how pigmented this was; my lips look so purple! I outlined my lips first with the tip then for the centre of my lips I used the flat, round edges.


Finally I applied Sugar Plum onto the centre of my lips for that added sparkle and just because I wanted to, really! I also thought it would add more colour to the centre but I never realised how difficult having powder eye shadows on your lips could be! Despite that factor, I love these lips so much!

And there we have it! I haven’t written a makeup tutorial in ages so I feel like I’ve done something wrong or have missed something out (someone please reassure me!). Anyway, let me know what you think of this look or of the film if you’ve already seen it! If you would like to see anymore of the characters makeup then do let me know and I will get to that for you. I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I did this look; it’s so nice being able to play with colour! If you try one of the looks out, leave me a link in the comments so I can see how you got on!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx




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