EOTD: Christmas Party Gold Smokey Eye | Blogmas

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Last night I went to my first Christmas party (hence why my blog post yesterday may have been a bit off) and I thought that today I would show you the makeup I did for you. I’d only tried it once before but only a few months ago so I couldn’t exactly remember it and I wore it with a dark lip, whereas last night I wore a nude. I love this look but it’s definitely one for the evening, it’s very smokey, very glittery and very gorgeous. This is perfect for Christmas, or just Winter in general, and it’s so easy to do! I’m gonna stop babbling now and get on!

The products I used for this were:


  • Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold (available from Boots and Superdrug)
  • Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special: Wrapped Up (bottom, third from right) and Noir (bottom, right) (available from Boots and Superdrug)
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 38 (available from Boots and Superdrug)

Of course it had to include more than one product! As I said earlier, I did wear this last time with a dark lip and I was planning that but I was running late (obviously) and it’s easier to apply a nude than a dark lip when you’re in a rush.

This is how my face turns out:

How gorgeous and glittery is that?!?!

I started off with applying Eternal Gold with my middle finger all across my lid. This is super pigmented, so you don’t need much at all and, as you can tell, it’s super glittery so can get into places you didn’t expect (i.e. corner of the eye, eyebrow). If this happens, just wipe it away using a wet wipe and it’ll come off just as easily. The glitter particles are quite chunky and this is one of the main reasons I love it so!

I then took Wrapped Up and applied this with an angled brush in my crease and outer third/quarter (not very far in at all). I then blended it out with a blending brush and made it look somewhat together. If I needed more on the outer third then I would just pack some more on with the blending brush and blend it again. I find that the crease tends to be fine for this colour as it is very dark and I don’t want to mess it up! The glitter does spread onto this colour but that’s fine, I’m totally OK with that!

I then take Noir with my angled brush and do my usual winged eyeliner. I did make this very thin and very short as I wanted the rest of my eyes to be the main attraction,but I couldn’t not wear eyeliner! I also feel like it brings the whole look together; it’s almost the bridge between the brown and the gold, if you will.


I then just applied my trusty Kate Moss lipstick in 38 so I didn’t look too drag-queen-y! This was a last minute decision so I didn’t have time to think about it really but it did look really nice together! Impulse is key!

And there we have it! I love this look and will definitely be wearing it again some time soon. Let me know of your staple Christmas Party look and also what you think of this one. If you try this out for yourself, let me know of how you got on and how you liked it!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


5 thoughts on “EOTD: Christmas Party Gold Smokey Eye | Blogmas”

    1. Thank you! Good minds think alike, you see! Haha. Also, really like how you wrote ‘genuinely’; way too many people getting it mixed up with ‘generally’ and saying it way too confidently for my liking! Rachel xx

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