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Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I have another Christmas-y blog post for you and it is showing you what I have bought my Mum and my Step-Mum for Christmas. I did a similar blog post to this but with my friends so it will be like that only with different people. I’m quite happy with their presents considering my budget but, of course, my Mum deserves the world instead of these few bits I’ve got her. It does annoy me that she gets me so much but because I’m young and don’t have a job I can’t get her the amount she actually deserves. Soppy moment over. This is the total buying arangement:


So I’m going to start with my Mum. As a little synopsis (if you will), my Mum likes purple, comfort, baths (long, long baths!) and being relaxed. Hopefully that should help explain my purchases. She is also very small, smaller than me. She’s like a little Oompa Loompa.


The first present I bought her was these socks from Primark. My Mum is one of those people that wear socks all the time. The only time I am reassured she has feet is when we’re on holiday and she’s just had her pedicure done. As I’ve just mentioned she loves purple so this was a no brainer for me really. They’re so soft and I love the Primark fluffy socks, so I know she will as well. These were only £2.50 for a pack of two and I know she’ll get a lot of use out of these. Perfect. I’ve signed this from myself and all of my brothers so we all get credit (though it was of course all me!).


I also went into Lush for her presents (which was my main intentions but the Primark sign just lured me in) as she really does love Lush and the bath bombs I’d previously given her. This time I’ve gotten her two, one from myself and my eldest brother and another from my younger two brothers. This first one I signed from the younger two; Bar Humbug. I let my eldest brother choose which one we give her and he chose the one I’ll show you in a second. I didn’t want to take it out the packaging as I didn’t want it to get damaged or anything but there are pictures on the website that you can go have a look at. This is one I knew I needed to get for my Mum as soon as the Christmas collection was released, as it’s purple, it’s a bubble bar and will last her a long time. I’m not too keen on the scent (think blackcurrant wine gums and you’re not far off) but I know she will love this in her bath! This one was £3.65.


The second product from Lush I bought her was Golden Wonder. I was given this by a friend last year and loved it; it’s really big so it can be broken up or used for a long bath, it leaves your skin all glittery and it smells so good! I don’t know how to describe this scent, but it’s nice, just take my word for it! It’s also shaped like a present so looks super cute once it’s taken out the packaging. I was humming and harring (is that how you spell it?) which one to get and I knew how good this was from experience, and I knew to get a Christmas one as they’re not available all year. Of course if I’d had a bigger budget, I would’ve bought a few more for her, but I know she’ll love what I’ve got her. This one cost me £3.95.

The evil stepmother (she’s not really evil, but it fits in with the panto season!) is fairly similar to Mum (loves purple) but I kind of struggled to buy for her. We’re complete opposites so I did have to ask her, but I couldn’t get her exactly what she wanted. She’ll have to do, I’ve stressed over it too much! She’s a 90’s kid, so loves Lizzie Maguire, old Disney Channel shows (where we bond) and cooking.


The first thing I bought her was the Miss Sporty Millionaire Eye Liner in 004 Winning Purple. She told me she wanted a purple liquid liner but I couldn’t find one and the ones I looked at online were out of my price range. This was the closest I could find, so she should be fine with it. This was only £2.49. On its own, it didn’t look like much, so I bought her another present to go with it (those linking skills though!).


The second present I bought her was another product from Miss Sporty and is the Studio Colour Quattro Eye Shadow in 402 Smokey Green Eyes. I think it’s called ‘Green Eyes’ as purple makes green pop, and she has brown eyes, but it’s purple so she’ll like it. I genuinely think I’m more excited than her for these presents as I know I might just have to try it on her. Oh, what a shame! This was only £2.99 and for four colours that’s pretty good, even if they are very small. She doesn’t wear makeup much so I know these colours will be plenty for her anyway.

And there we have it! The presents for both the mothers! Let me know what you have bought your parents this year for Christmas and why, I always love buying for others! My little generous heart, haha. Let me know what you think of what I’ve bought and whether these products are actually any good!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx




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