Foundation Routine December 2015 | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you my current Foundation Routine. I say current, I’m not sure it’ll be changing very often if I’m going to be honest with you! Lately I’ve been enjoying wearing foundation and creating the routine I’m about to show you, especially as I’ve found my new love: Rimmel Wake Me Up. Yeah, buddy! I will just point out to you I don’t wear this whole base on a day-to-day basis (I will show you my other routine at a later date) because if I did my face would file a lawsuit against me and I just don’t have that time in the morning! Within this blog post I will be explaining each product I use, why, how, what I like about it etc.


So the first product I use is something I’ve already spoken about and is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (available from Boots and Superdrug). I’ve already written a review on this and the concealer, so if you want to check that out you can click HERE. I love this foundation; it has orange packaging (always a bonus!), it has a shade light enough for my skin tone, it’s so easy to blend and apply, it gives a dewy finish but can become matte with powder, it’s budget friendly. It’s just amazing, I cannot fault it! I apply this with a flat-headed foundation brush and use it all over my face, including just under my jawline. I apply it here as well so it doesn’t look like a mask! I’m slightly scared to get right up in my hairline though in case I get any in my hair though so I tend to add pigmentation with powder there. You really do not need much with this foundation and I feel like this bottle is going to last me a while! I use one full pump on the back of my hand and that covers the whole of my face (the majority of the time, anyway!). I tend to start on my left cheek, I don’t know why!

I then take the matching Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (also available from Boots and Superdrug). I’m not as impressed with the concealer, but it does have it’s work cut out for it with my under-eye circles! This is slightly darker than the colour of my foundation (despite being the same number colour) so doesn’t always pay me any favours. I use this under my eyes using a flat-headed concealer brush (the foundation tends to sort out any redness or freckles). This comes with a doe-foot applicator and I take doe-foot full, apply it to the back of hand and then apply that way. I find this way I don’t use too much concealer and therefore doesn’t make my under-eyes look too orange!

I then set it all using my Rimmel Stay Matte powder (and add pigmentation to my forehead!). I love this powder – it doesn’t make me look cakey, it sets everything, it’s pigmented to my skin tone (!) and doesn’t let anything underneath it budge! I also like it because it helps take away the orange-ness of my under-eyes after the concealer’s been applied. I think I should just point out I’m not being sponsored by Rimmel for this blog post, I do just love their products! I use this with a big, fluffy, blending brush and again start on my left cheek (I have some connection with it, clearly!). I press this into my skin as I was taught that if you blend it or rub it (as it were) then you’re just taking the foundation underneath that off so there’s no real point. Little hint for those that may want it! This is available in Boots and Superdrug.

Lastly, I take my No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder in Medium and use it as a bronzer/contour kinda thing! If you remember, I use to use this as a foundation type product until I became the palest thing going (seriously, Snow White is named after me) and then there was no use for it. That was until the Rimmel foundation gave me such a perfect, pale base I could actually add things to my face (i.e. blush, bronzer) and I saw this as my first experimental object. Well, it was the best experiment ever conceived by this blonde one! It doesn’t create as harsh a contour as I would like (or need, depending on whatever way you want to look at it!) but it adds a bit more definition to my face and also makes me look less dead. I use this along my jawline, in the hollow of my cheeks, my temples and kind of all over the outside of my face so it all blends together nicely. For a ‘beginner’, shall we say, this has given me so much reassurance as it’s the perfect bronzer colour for me but also looks kind of natural. I apply this after my setting powder because I feel like the lighter powder would lighten the whole bronze-y effect and I’d only have to reapply afterwards anyway! I apply this with a fluffy powder brush again but unlike the setting powder, I do apply this in more of a sweeping motion in order to blend it and make it look more natural. This is available in Boots.

And there is my complete Foundation Routine! I do use blush as well but I change that with every look I do whereas these products are something that never changes. I hope this has given you some inspiration or help with purchasing any of them! Let me know of what products you use within your Foundation Routine and how you use them! Also, tell me what foundations I need to try out next (or, even better than that, concealers!) as I’m always open to owning more things to put on my face!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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