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Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I have a review for you (ahh, my old friend!) and this time it’s on the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer. I was recommended this by a friend who rated it very highly and as a complete makeup geek, I knew I needed it. Before this I never used an eye primer and I guess I’m still learning with it (as I type I’ve been using it just over a week, but I wear makeup all the time so pretty much every day!) but hey, I have my results for you. Other than this I don’t own anything from MUA and I had heard good things from it, so thought that it was worth it.

First of all, the packaging. I quite like the slim line packaging of this product as it’s really easy to throw into your bag and it’s plastic so you can literally ‘throw’ it into your bag. MUA’s products from this range all have this silver, shiny packaging and nothing else I own does, so it’s really easily recognisable when I’m in a rush in the morning (i.e. every morning). It also lists the ingredients clearly on the tube but not so that it’s the main feature. My only issue with it is that I can’t see how much product I have left or was originally in there. I do know that at the moment I’m obviously nowhere near the finishing line but I’m scared I’m going to throw it away with loads left in there.

The colour of this product is skin-toned (or at least my skin-tone) so applying it also helps colour correct my eyelids. I quite like this for myself, but for darker skin tones this could create a problem if they were going to do a fairly natural eye. I don’t think they come in any other colours (I have checked on the website and in store) so this may not be suitable for everyone.


The product itself I was pleasantly surprised by. I checked the ingredients of this and the third most used ingredient was glycerin. When you apply things directly onto glycerin, it makes it stick to it and last all day. Seeing this gave me some added hope and boy, did it work! I firstly apply this directly onto my lid using the doe-foot applicator (which it comes with) and only apply a tiny amount onto the centre of my lid. I then blend this in with my index finger (I have tiny fingers!). I’m just going to tell you now, a little bit goes a long way and applying too much from the applicator can result in sat there blending it in for ages, when it doesn’t really need that. I find that the amount doesn’t really change how long your eye shadow stays on for or at least not that significantly. This does colour correct my eye lids and gives them a more matte finish as it is, but it’s also slightly tacky (which is the glycerin coming into place). I then find that when applying powder eye shadows, I need to pack it on more instead of brushing it over my lid like I would normally. This can take a bit of time, but does mean that you’re pushing the powder in and therefore making it last longer. I also find that it makes colours stand out a lot more (due to the whiteness of the product) and makes them more vibrant, which I also love. This vibrancy does last all day, not just 5 minutes after your finish your makeup. I really like this product – my makeup no longer dulls throughout the day and I am now a lot more confident to apply darker powder eye shadows as I know they won’t end up half way down my face within half an hour. One thing I will say, though, is that I don’t apply it under any eye shadows I have that are 24hr as there’s no point as I can’t trust them to stay in place.

The price of this is one of the other reasons why I bought this. This little beauty was only £2.50. Yep, very nice! MUA tend to be a fairly cheap brand as it is and I wasn’t sure what to think of it because of that, but this is seriously worth so much more than that. However, as it is MUA it’s only available in Superdrug, which could make it a little bit more difficult to get hold of. It is available on the website though, so if you don’t have a Superdrug near you, you can just order it online!

I’m going to be completely honest with you now, before I bought this product, I didn’t give eye primers a second glance in the shops, I just thought I didn’t need them but I’m going to tell you now, once you’ve used one, you ain’t going back! I thought I was fine, it was quicker in the morning etc. but seriously this is perfect for an all-day event (i.e. school or work). I couldn’t rate this more highly – it makes colours stands out, makes eye makeup last all day but also comes off really easily (along with the eye shadows). Perfect. You seriously need it in your lives.

And there we go! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post; writing reviews makes me feel so comfortable! If you have a favourite eye primer, let me know in the comments below, or let me know of your views on them! Also, let me know if you own any other MUA products and which are you’re favourites or ones to stay clear of (I feel like I need to start building up my MUA collection after using this product!).

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx




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