Christmas Present Ideas (For Friends) | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins,

Today I will be sharing with you what I have bought my friends for Christmas (don’t worry, they don’t know about this blog!), why I’ve bought them, where etc. Also, quick side-note, this is one of those blog posts I’ve written with little brothers in the background and have been trusted with my care (mad people, seriously!) so if this seems a bit odd or there’s some things missing, that’ll be why. If you would like me to add those bits in once you’ve read it, then do let me know and I will get to that. So this year I’m only buying for my two closest friends due to financial reasons and also because over this year we have become super close and they are my just best friends really. Little puke-y moment there! My friends Lizzy and Bethan are completely different (we are literally like Coke and Pepsi standing next to each other) but we all know what we like so buying was fairly easy.

This is the total of what I’ve bought! I’m really happy with it this year, despite it not looking like much, as I near enough stuck to my budget and I bought things I knew they’d love.


So I think I will start with my friend Bethan. As a little rundown (if you will), Bethan is not a girly girl, she loves Marvel, David Bowie and has the need to marry Chris Pratt. She is also a massive laugh and will giggle even if your jokes aren’t funny (one of the main reasons I like her!).

The first thing I bought her was this bar of soap. I realise not the most glamorous thing but this is right up her alley and the first time I saw it, I did laugh. I bought this in B&M (the best shop for poor people in the world!) for only £1.99. It’s basically a bar of soap with one side that says ‘face’ and the other says ‘arse’. I just hope her parents will let me on their premises again! I have warned her one of her presents may be slightly ‘controversial’ (how else was I supposed to describe it??) but hopefully she should see the funny side.


The second present I got her was this phone case. Not any old phone case, a David Bowie phone case that will actually fit her phone! Brownie Points coming my way! If you don’t know then David Bowie has different coloured eyes and trust me, I’ve heard about it more than enough times. This may have been enhanced or edited but the thought is there. I think this was on Ebay for £4 or £5 something. I got the idea for this through just searching around and on one website typed in ‘David Bowie Jumper’ (practical, but again, Brownie Points) but nothing came up other than more David Bowie merchandise, including phone cases. I didn’t like the one they had so type in into Ebay and ta-dah! Best friend of the year award? I think so!

My second friend is Lizzy. Lizzy the complete opposite but also most similar to me. As you probably know, I’m the smallest human being going (at a grand total of 155cm, 5 foot 1) and she’s the tallest human being going (5 foot 11) so we look like a right pair when we’re together, which is all the time! She is more into people like Shawn Mendes and helps slightly with my One Direction obsession and is getting into makeup, which I enjoy greatly. She is one of those people who will come in on a random Wednesday talking about how she did a ridiculous amount of baking the night before and I have to pretend to be Mary Berry (though I’m not complaining!). She loves all things sweet (hence why I’m in her life!) and chocolate-y. We became friends at first sight!


So the first item I bought for Lizzy is this Mason jar full of sweets. This may have been found by little brothers but after a lot of deliberating (death threats, throw-you-down-the-stairs threats etc.) I made them see sense that they shouldn’t be touching Christmas presents that aren’t even their own. I just thought that she would love the sweets inside (there was one with bits that looked like candy cane, but they looked broken so I thought these would be my best bet) and she could re-use the Mason jar as they are really on trend right now. It would look so cute on her dressing table! I bought this for about £1.99 in B&M, again (I may have had a little splurge in there).


The last thing I bought was this Max Factor Lip Pen in 02 Mystical Mauve (I think it’s called). The reason it’s in this packaging is because I did buy it in B&M for around £3 something. Getting them deals! This is in a pink-y purple colour which I know she’ll love and will really go with her skin tone and hair and eye colour. I would buy one of these for myself and I feel like this would really help add to her collection as she’s just getting there. There were only a few colours on offer, and this seemed like the best one for her. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

So there we go! I will obviously wrap them and then put them into little gift bags (to hide the bad wrapping skills!) before giving them to them but I seriously so excited to see their reactions! I’m probably more excited than them, but that usually happens! I realise this is probably a bit early in Blogmas, but I wanted to get decent pictures before I really needed to wrap them up. Let me know (if you’ve done your shopping that is!) what you have bought your friends or family this year in the comments below to help share the creative flow!

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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