How To: Dark Winter Lips | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I am uploading a blog post that I may have previously uploaded but I’m not too sure (if I did then it was ages ago and with terrible pictures) but it doesn’t matter because I’m going to show you again! I discovered this beautiful look in like February and I still wasn’t that confident wearing a lot of makeup and it was going into Spring so I couldn’t wear dark lips really, but now it’s Winter and I wear make-up heavier than a drag queen , so I thought I’d show you now (wow, how times have changed!). Basically, I don’t own a dark lipstick of my own (though I am receiving one for Christmas! Much excite!) because if I did I would not make a massive fuss over how to apply it, but this can used even if you do have a dark lipstick. Bit of D.I.Y for your Thursday evening! I love this, it’s honestly gorgeous! I’m going to get on now (I’m a bit of a rambler, I know, I’m sorry!).

So the products I used were:


  • Make-Up Studio’s Lip Liner in No.11 Funky (available from Make-Up Studio)
  • Natural Collection’s Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson (available in Boots)

And that is literally it! All I use are these two products and I love them. Don’t think I’m going to let you escape with just 200 words from me, no, I’m keeping you longer, aren’t I? I’m just going to quickly show you how I apply this and the result I get (I took these pictures only an hour ago so I’ve kept it on and boy, does it feel good!). I will just say now, I tend to use a lip balm underneath as it does become layers of product and especially as this time of year my lips are dry, so it just helps me the next day!


The first thing I do is pretty basic but I line my lips using the lip liner and do so quite thickly. I apply it thickly and along most of my lower lip as I want this to become a deep red, as oppose to a light red-ish purple. If I want dark, I’m going to get dark, and I’m going to get it well! It also helps provide quite a nice contrast between the red in the centre of my lip (once it’s applied) and then the purple around the edges. As I’m sure you can tell, I’ve applied this quite messily, as that isn’t my main concern right now. Just always clean up at the end, Munchkins! If you take one thing from this blog, take that!


I then apply the lipstick right in the centre of my lips. Already, you can see that contrast of the red and the purple and it’s stunning! I also apply this quite messily as it doesn’t really matter at this stage, also! I know some people won’t agree with this, but for this I do apply the lipstick straight from the bullet instead of a lip brush. My lips, as you can tell, are massive, so using a lip brush just takes way too long! However, thinner lips may need this technique. This picture makes my nose look funny, I’ve only just noticed.


And finally, just smack your lips together! Yep, just do, have no fear! This mixes the two colours together but the very outer and very inner of my lips should stay the original colours, which gives it a Kylie Jenner, ombre look. Just beautiful! I like it in this Ribena/wine kind of colour, but you can add a little bit more red or purple depending on your preference. This look is so easy, you could do it 10 times and still be early for wherever your going! I personally wouldn’t reverse the look (red lip liner and purple lipstick) as I think the formula for lipstick is going to be a lot thicker and pigmented so the whole lip would end up purple instead of this kind of colour. Just putting that one out there.

And there we go! This look lasts all day and I trust this enough to not even take the products with me when I go out. That’s serious trust, right there! I just tend to apply lip balm if my lips are feeling a bit dry, and it does also help blend the colours together even further. All about that blending life! If you have another way to create a dark lip without a dark lipstick, let me know in the comments below and if you try this, send me a picture!

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx



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