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Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you a makeup look which I wore on Friday night and instantly fell in love with. Last night it was my step-mum’s friends wedding and as we aren’t that close we just went to the reception and I’d been dreaming of doing this makeup look for ages so it seemed like the perfect chance for it! I’d worn it once before as a practice, and I’m going to tell you now, it’s definatley an evening look. It’s quite dark and smokey and so different to me that I just felt lust for this little trick. It was, however, one of those days where my skin hated me as I wore makeup in the day for school then a full new face for the evening, but hey, it looked good and I cleansed! I will not be saying that in 20 years, that’s for sure! Anyway, enough rambling, I’ve been looking forward to talking about this all day, so I’m just going to get on with it!

These are the items that ended up on my face:


In order, I used:

  • Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold (available in Superdrug and Boots)
  • Sleek i-Divine Palette in ‘Oh So Special’. I used the colours Boxed (bottom row, 3rd from the right), Wrapped Up (bottom row, 2nd from the right) and Noir (bottom row, 1st one of the right) (available in Boots and Superdrug)
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 38 (available in Boots and Superdrug)

I did, of course, also use foundation, concealer etc. but I will be uploading a Foundation Routine blog post soon and it’s the same all the time so I feel if I explained that every time I uploaded one of these it could get tedious for the both of us. I will just say now, as I did the makeup in the evening, the lighting was terrible so I recreated it a couple of days after in order to get decent lighting, so I’m not wearing foundation or anything. Other than that, I followed the exact same steps I will be telling you now and that I did on Friday.

So this is how beautiful my eyes looked (if I do say so myself!):

Yeah, buddy! Just going to apologise for my uncontrolled brows and pale eyelashes now!

The first thing I did was applied the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold all over my lid just using my finger. It’s either my wimpy-ness or my brushes, but I only find this works and applies nicely with my finger as oppose to a brush. This doesn’t really affect me though – sometimes I find that fingers do the job better than brushes! I just applied this evenly and quite vibrantly (it was a Friday night, there was glitter, I was not holding back!) as it can become slightly muted once the other colours are applied. I love this colour on its own as well as with others, these eye shadows are well worth a look if you’re in Superdrug or Boots anytime soon!

The next thing I applied was Boxed with a blending brush. I applied this on the outer third of my eye and quite messy-ily in my crease (another new word!). I used this shadow more to add smokiness than anything else and is the more noticeable of the dark eye shadows. I love this combination as it is, but of course, I had to carry it on!

Using an angled brush, I took a little bit of Wrapped Up and applied this directly into my crease, a lot neater than Boxed. This is a slightly darker brown so added that further definition which I didn’t really need, it just ended up on my face! When I’m doing my makeup I kind of look at the colours and say ‘that goes together, that goes together’ and it all ends up somewhere on my face. Makeup is never boring with me around! Pink eye shadow I wore to school today (not this one). Why not?! Anyway, I’m gonna stop going off on a tangent! I blended it slightly with the angled brush, but not too much. I had that smokiness already!

I then took the black from the palette (Noir) and using an angled brush applied my winged eyeliner. I wear winged eyeliner legitimately every day and without it I just look ill. Not a good look! I decided to use this one as it didn’t have to last as much as it would for school (which I use an Urban Decay one for) and it was there. I try to only use my Urban Decay one if it’s really necessary, like if I have an event that’s all day or I’m going to school as I know I can trust it to last, whereas if it’s just for the evening I will just wear this Sleek one. Does that make sense? Probably not! It doesn’t show that well in the picture, but my eyeliner was amazing on the day I took these pictures, and I wasn’t even wearing makeup that day. Does that happen to anyone else? The pain is just too much to handle.


On my lips I just applied the Kate Moss lipstick in 38. The way I apply lipstick is first of all the cupids bow, then the whole of my lower lip, smack them together than fill in any blank spaces (oh, hey there, Tay Tay!). One thing you can’t forget whilst doing lipstick is the corners of your mouth, you look a bit crazy otherwise! But I wouldn’t apply straight from the bullet if I was doing corners, I would instead try and blend down with my finger what was already on lips into the corners or use a lip brush. I also tend to apply a lot more in the middle (hence the extra glossiness!). I don’t know why, it just doesn’t feel complete otherwise! And yes, my lips are massive.

And there we go! I love this look and it lasted all night! The lipstick may need a bit of topping up if you’re eating or drinking (which I of course did!) but other than that, it was perfect! I love this and am finding any opportunity to wear it now! If you try this out, let me know and send me the picture so I can see it! I would love to see you versions of it!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S Check me out, keeping up with this Blogmas thing!


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