November Favourites 2015 | Blogmas

Good Evening Munchkins! (And Happy 1st of December! I’m so excited for Christmas now, I can’t even explain it to you!)

Today I have my November Favourites as it is the beginning of a new month and I have a few of my favourite things (name that musical) which I want to share with you. I will just point out now, it’s not a very long Favourites, I don’t have that many as last month but hey, there is still some in there which can’t be left in the shadows. Today also marks the beginning of Blogmas, meaning I will be uploading a blog post everyday of December until Christmas Eve (24th). I feel very optimistic, clearly. I have quite a few ideas, but there are still a few spaces so if you have any requests, let me know and you will see them on this blog at some point during the month. Also, I’m really tired so I’m sorry for just everything. Just everything you’re about to witness. Anyway, getting on with this blog post!


My first favourite of the month is the Tresemme Luxurious Moisture Conditioner for dry or dull hair. Let’s just enjoy the condition it’s in! Give me some kind of respect, half the people in my house use it and it’s nearly finished. It’s been here longer than my brothers, I swear! This is in the biggest size available, just saying! I personally think it’s too big for me (I’m literally tiny) but hey, it does amazing things to my head. This makes my hair so soft (wet and dry) and I’ve had so many compliments on my hair recently it’s just made me realise it a little bit more. I do just use the conditioner as I feel that the shampoo and conditioner together can make it look a bit greasy but I chose to just use the conditioner as theoretically, the conditioner should do more stuff to my head and has more benefits so yeah. Did you get that?? I also have a weird scalp in the winter so I use a shampoo that will stop me looking like I grow mushrooms from my skull. I also find that this keeps my hair straight for a 2-3 days which I need with my curly, frizzy joy, though sometimes I may have to add dry shampoo to my roots if it does look greasy. So yeah, enjoy that one! This is available in Superdrug and Boots.


My next favourite is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I received this last year for Christmas and I’ve just found that I’ve been reaching for this a lot more this month. I have been using Crave (the black) as eyeliner everyday as it doesn’t imprint into my crease and it stays on all day. This year I’ve started wearing makeup to school and when I’ve got a long day or just want to do something quick and easy in the morning, I turn to this palette. This has so many possibilities but still looks neutral and perfect for school. It also has the staying power of a goddess and I can’t believe I’ve only realise now how amazing this is! For Christmas I’m getting the actual Naked palettes and if they are half as good as this palette, my life will legit be complete! I will be including this in an EOTD soon so watch out for that. This is available on Feel Unique.


My penultimate favourite is the Impulse Body Spray in Vanilla Kisses by Charlie XCX. I don’t know about you, but I did not know that Charlie XCX had brought out a collection with Impulse before I went into the shop, but you wanna know something? She has! There’s one another scent in the collection and I’m one of those where if there’s a new collection or celebrity collection, I need to own at least one of them and this is the scent I preferred. I love this scent, it’s amazing! It smells like vanilla (smooth) and also warmth (even better) and just all types of sweetness. I love most scents but sweet smells are my particular fave and seriously, this has lived on me! I just really like it and I might have to buy it forever more! If this is a limited edition collection, I might actually cry. Bulk buy, that’s my answer! It’s the answer to everything! This is available in Superdrug.

So my final favourite is a human (as you do) and this human in particular is a YouTuber. Wait, a YouTuber? That’s so unexpected! Isn’t it just? So this YouTuber is Shani Grimmond, who just appeared in my suggestions and I have not looked back! She’s Australian and a beauty-YouTuber and she is literally amazing. I’ve been watching her for maybe a week, two weeks max. and already I know I love her, so I know that you will too! She is quite witty and is actually stunning but her accent is what tops it off for me! If I woke up with an Australian accent tomorrow, I would talk more than I already do! I hadn’t actually heard anything about her before, but now I know her she is never leaving my life! I don’t know why she isn’t more publicized, she is amazing!

So there we go! I told you today was a short one! It’s only to prepare you for the month when you’re literally stuck with me, so take these small ones whilst you can! I know I haven’t loved much this month, but the things I do I’m really in love with! I think this much I’ll gain more as it becomes a lot more Christmas-y. I’m so looking forward to this month. Come join me in my glittery, shiny, Christmas-filled universe!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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