Make-Up Trick Staples

Good Evening Munchkins!

If I didn’t word the title clear enough (the struggle was great), today I will be sharing with you my personal favourite makeup tricks that I use everyday/am planning on using/have used using celebrity examples. Oh, yes! These are basically things that I have been inspired by by certain celebrities and how the ‘average Joe’ goes about them (or maybe it should be ‘average Jo’ because I’m a girl?). These are things you’ve probably seen/heard of and it may be a bit repetitive as other things you’ve read but you know what? I haven’t done it and I spend most of my day thinking about makeup and celebrities faces, so yeah. Imparting wisdom!

The first person that deserves a mention is Kim Kardashian (shock horror!). I won’t go on too much, but that contour though! Kim, and her sisters for that matter, are famous for their contour and pull it off amazingly. However, they have Armenian heritage, so their skin tone is slightly darker than my pale, skin-deprived, English skin. If you’re on the same boat as me, aim for an ashier-toned contour product as ones that Kim may wear will only end up looking orange on us. I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians, not TOWIE! To contour you should suck your cheeks in and where the bone first starts (just above or in line with the top of your ear, depending on your cheek bone shape) and then following the hollow line to around where your nose is or wherever you feel comfortable. If it does become too harsh you can always blend it out with your colour powder or a tiny bit of foundation, but it should not reach the corner of your mouth. That’s going a little too far! They’re also famous for highlighting and hopefully the picture below will help explain things a lot better than I would! Highlighter is used in order to bring out certain features (like the top of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupids bow, etc.) whereas contour is used to accentuate the cheekbones and sometimes nose. Highlighter is literally the most gorgeous thing, I really need to get a decent one (let me know which are your favourites!).

The next person is Adele. I know most people are like ‘her vocals’, ‘that chorus’, ‘that high note’ but I’m literally sat there going ‘her eyelashes’, ‘her contour’, ‘her eyeliner’! Adele has always been a minimalist person when it comes to makeup but with her return has come a strong contour game. I won’t start talking about it again, but seriously. Hello there cheekbones, where have you been?? The makeup tricks I love with Adele is her false eyelashes and thick, dramatic eyeliner. She’s always been a false eyelash girl (she comes from London, it’s basically the law!) but instead of looking like a drag queen, how most girls do, she can actually pull them off, and well! I seriously need to find out what she uses! I think the trick to finding decent fake eyelashes is finding ones that suit your eye shape, flatter them and also match your natural eyelashes. She has found her eyelashes and this is the best match since Jack and Rose in Titanic (only without the unfortunate deaths). And her eyeliner …. oh my Jesus have mercy! Her makeup artist deserves Pride of Britain award, I’m not even joking! If ever I get eyeliner that gorgeous and matching, my life will actually be complete! I’ve actually been ill this week with a cold and when I’ve sneezed or anything like that, my eyeliner is always the first thing I check. I may be ill, but my eyeliner’s still my priority! I just love it! Her eyeliner is just goals and is just too much for one small girl to handle! She’s found a way for it to look stunning with her eyes open and closed (which is more difficult than it sounds!) and that suits her eyes. It’s like classic black eyeliner but then with the added ‘I’m here, look at me!’ factor, which, let’s be honest, we all want!

Next up is Kylie Jenner. I realise that I’ve already included someone from that clan, but seriously, her lips! I do realise that her lips have been plumped (is that the right word?) with lip injections and there was all the controversy with the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’ (which you shouldn’t do!) but there are safe ways to do it. I learnt this little trick off NikkieTutorials either before or just after she had the same procedure and she spoke about a completely natural way to do it. I have fairly big lips anyway but I have tried it and I love it. Basically, either use a lip liner or a lip brush with your lipstick on and outline your lips. Then, if you look in the mirror straight on, you will see the light hit your cupids bow (the part just above your top lip) and it’s just another piece of skin that has the same amount of plump-ness as your actual lips it’s just the colour of your skin instead of your lips. You then use your brush or lip liner to outline this bit. Then fill in the rest of your lips and voila! You can also do this for the bottom lip (it’s the same kind of technique) but sometimes it can look a bit drag queen-style. Not saying being a drag queen is a bad thing, by the way, it’s just not the ideal look for everyday! Kendall once said in one episode of KUWTK  (yes, I use pet names!) that despite the lip injections, Kylie does still use this trick to make her lips look even bigger. Just go as big as you feel comfortable and don’t forget to stop! Very important piece of information, that!

My final favourite person is an absolute classic: Miss Marilyn Monroe. The sadness I feel that I wasn’t around when she was and that there wasn’t any decent photography when she was in the business! She is an actual staple of the 1950’s and the iconic make-up she worse. She wore the black, winged-eyeliner, red lips, glowly skin and of course her little mole (or was it a freckle?). I can’t remember whether her little ‘beauty mark’ was in fact drawn on, but if it was it would’ve been done with something like her eyebrow pencil, as that would be the matching colour to her skin tone. In the black and white films, however, it did look very defiant on her otherwise pale face and could mean she had it slightly darker. Red lips are something I love along with classic, basic eyes and she is honestly one of those people that started it all! I’m not very clued up on historical makeup so I’m not entirely sure myself what they did or didn’t have back when she was in the media and stuff, but I’m sure she wore only (what we would consider) basic stuff. In saying that, they did spend a lot more time outside and not on the laptop all day back in the 1950’s so her skin probably was that perfect (#goals). She is a massive trend-setter even now (either the eyeliner or the lips or the beauty mark) and you still see people every day wearing makeup that has been inspired by her. If I could have Marilyn Monroe’s face, I would not complain, that’s for sure!

And there we go! These are 4 women who have influenced me with my face and what I do to it, though I do enjoy experimenting also. Let me know what your makeup staples are and who you’ve been inspired by, I would love to know and learn more! If you would like to see an outfit version of this, I would love to do one, I’ve really enjoyed this! I would love it if you tried some of these tips and tricks and let me know how you get on!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx




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