MOTD: Natural Cut-Crease and Pink Lip

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you a make-up look that I have been loving recently. This is super simple and can be worn for everyday and I’ve even worn it at school (without the lipstick though). I think this is gorgeous and I think you will enjoy it just as much as I do.

The products I used were the:

  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow  Stick in 002 Bulletproof Beige (Find Review HERE). Available in Boots and Superdrug.
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, Faint & Crave (first and second from right). Available on Feel Unique.
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 086 Sugar Plum (Find Review HERE). Available in Boots and Superdrug.

WP_20151124_15_19_42_Pro (1)

I start off first of all by applying the Rimmel Eye Shadow Stick all over my lid, straight from the pencil. I make sure that I have it evenly all over my lid before I move on. I don’t really blend with my finger or a brush as I find the pencil itself makes it easy enough as it is.

I then take an angled brush and dip it into Faint (the dark brown in the Naked Basics palette) and tap off the excess. I apply this into my crease and at this point, it doesn’t need to be neat. I then take a blending brush and blend it a little bit more into my crease to it’s not so harsh. The reason why I use the angled brush first is so it doesn’t smoke out a lot, which darker colours can do. I just find it easier to control this way and it’s a technique I use everyday. It does still look slightly defiant but not as bad as it was before. Sometime I do tap my brush into Faint a couple more times then gently smoke it out, but I always build in layers instead of apply it all in one go. Tip for life, that one!

Then taking the angled brush again (I just remove the excess of Faint on the back of my hand) I go into Crave (the black) and use that as winged eyeliner. I’m loving winged eyeliner at the moment and I wear it everyday so I am slowly getting better (though one eye always looks better than the other). I kind of feel like a face wouldn’t be complete without winged eyeliner, it’s just a need! I know some people prefer to use liquid or gel or whatever, but this is my preferred method and I find that this Urban Decay one is the only one that will last all day and not imprint on the top of my eyelid. I feel like eyeliner takes the longest, but other than that, this really is so quick and easy and perfect for everyday. (Sorry for the camera quality, I had to crop down from a photo in order to get the right part of my face and yeah. Sorry. It does look a lot better. Honest)



And then for my lips I just applied Sugar Plum straight from the bullet. The way I apply lipstick is all over my bottom lip and then just the outline of my top lip. I feel like I’m the only one that does that, but then I don’t get loads of lipstick around my actual lip. Can’t be doing that! I can assure you that Sugar Plum is a lot more pigmented than it looks in this photo. I really like this lipstick with this eye look as I feel that although the eyes are gorgeous, my face does need that pop of colour and that’s exactly what I’m getting.

And there we go! I am obviously wearing concealer and foundation and all that jazz as well as this, it’s just that my eyes and lips will forever change but my base/face routine won’t so it could get a bit tiresome after a while. If you would like to see how I currently do my face makeup, then do let me know and I will get to that for you. Also, little fun fact for you, the exact day I took these pictures I did baking in the morning/afternoon then in the evening/night I went to a Halloween party, and it lasted that entire time. Your welcome.

Let me know what you’re current favourite makeup look is or what tips and tricks you would recommend! I think these products are going to be featured a lot on my blog, by the way. Just prepare yourself!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. I think I’ve decided to instead do Blogmas 7 days a weeks instead of 5 days starting from the 1st of December (next Tuesday). Again, your welcome!


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