Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick (in BulletProof Beige) Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I have my last review for you in the massive bulk that has consumed my life! I will today be sharing with you a firm favourite of mine (which I did mention in my Favourites, find HERE) which is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick. I do promise to you guys, I’m not sponsored by Rimmel, I just love them … a lot! I bought this little gem back in the Summer and have been finding any opportunity to use it since! I can’t believe I left this one till last, it’s literally been clawing at me! I think I should stop building this up  (for my own safety, if I may say so) and just get on with it. Enjoy, I hope to see this on your faces sometime soon! Also, sorry if this sounds very word-y or less chilled than usual, I’ve been doing controlled assessments all week and have got exam board and mark band criteria and ‘why is Michael Gove still forcing this upon us, it’s 2015?’ lodged into my brain. I’m sorry.


The first thing I will be talking about is the packaging. I am a huge lover of practicality, easiness and quickness (especially living in a big family) and this product just ticks all those boxes for me. This is something that is super practical to throw (or place gently, with bubble wrap and tissue paper … maybe I’m obsessing over makeup too much??) into your makeup bag for travelling or for overnight visits (to apply the next morning, might I add) etc. The compact-ness really does float my boat! I also love how on the end it shows what colour it is, this makes it so easy and quick to find if I’m in a rush (which is always!) especially if you have it in more than one colour. I also like how the lid is transparent; it allows you to easily see how much of the product is left (though it may look a little cheap). The pencil-like application method (how else was that supposed to be worded? Haha) makes it super easy and handy to use and so is perfect for holidays, school, travelling (if you want to wear make-up whilst travelling that is) and all those kinda things.


The colour I bought this in was 002 BulletProof Beige. I bought this for the sheer fact it was one of the lesser scary ones and I’d also never heard of them before, so thought it would be better to buy a neutral one just in case I didn’t like it. This particular colour is more of a champagne-y colour as oppose to beige and is also shimmer (which is always a bonus on my eyes – see what I did there?). I wear this a lot due to the fact it’s so neutral (even for school, just saying!) because despite the shimmer, you wouldn’t really notice it. I also think that this colour would be a gorgeous highlighter as well, though I haven’t yet tried it in that way (I will do soon though and keep you posted on it). I find that this colour adds a bit more to the actual colour of my eyelids, it almost wakes them up and makes me look more alive, which always helps. Basically, if you want a new neutral colour to get addicted to, this is it! There is also a Kate Moss range and more colours in the original range which I’m very keen to get my hands on!


Now onto the product itself! As you can probably guess, this is a cream product and claims it lasts 24hrs. There have been really long Friday’s where I’ve had school then seen people in the evening or something so have actually had my makeup on for 15hrs, and this bad boy lasted! I’m not exactly willing to actually stay awake with makeup on for 24hrs, but it probably will last that long if you wanted to do that. Due to the creamy formula it is super easy to apply and blend with a finger (if you felt necessary, though I tend to just apply it straight from the stick and it’s fine). I’ve found that brushes don’t tend to blend it but I can’t make them blend the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos (also, I’m not going to compare them to the Colour Tattoos as the ones I own are very different colours to this Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick so it wouldn’t be fair to compare them). I find this super easy to apply and work with and is just amazing for school days or when you have long days and don’t really want to be doing your makeup more than once. My only concern is the rest of the product. I have used this a lot, hence why it looks like it’s had better days (because it has), but surely there’s more product? I’ve read some reviews where it says to sharpen it but I’m kind of scared to. If you own one, let me know, because if that’s all the product I’m getting I will not be a happy bunny!

Anyway, onto the final part – pricing and where to find it. Like most Rimmel products, it is available in both Boots and Superdrug and it a very affordable price. Drum roll please! This little piece of heaven is only £4.49. This is super affordable and super easy to get your hands on, you just need this. I know I say it all the time but seriously: You. Need. This.

So there we go! Overall I love this product, it will definitely be one to repurchase, as well as the other colours, and I will be letting you know of them once they are in my life. Also, expect to see this in a lot more makeup blog posts, I just wanted to get the standard review up first.

And yeah, thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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