Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick (in 086 Sugar Plum) Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I have my penultimate review for you (posh word for ‘second to last’) and it is, again, a lipstick. I’m sorry, I’m trying to catch up from the Summer and I’ve been purchasing quite a few new beauties. This time I will be reviewing a new love of mine which I featured in my Favourites (which you can find HERE) that I know you will also love.

Just a few things I wanna talk about quickly that have happened or occurred since Thursday. I think the major one is the massacre in Paris which has honestly shocked and upset me more than I would think something like this would. I am a very sensitive, emotional person when it comes to certain issues, and this is one of those things that has really hurt me. I don’t know anyone who lives in France nor am I religious or anything like that so in no way should it directly upset/shock/scare me in anyway, but I am someone who does believe in equality and and don’t see why innocent people should be harmed in order for people to make a point. Like, seriously? There’s also talks about attacks in the UK and I’m actually praying that nothing more happens terrorist-y wise, as it’s not called for and there is no reason for it. Sorry, I just had to get it out.

Also, (on a lighter subject) I will be bringing back Blogmas. If you remember last year I participated in this where all of my blog posts for that month were Christmas-related, but I’ve been thinking about how to make it slightly different this year. I will be uploading 5 blog posts a week until Christmas Eve. Yep. My effort levels could not be higher at this point! Monday to Friday I will have a new blog post for you as I have a ton of ideas from where I haven’t been blogging etc. Not all of my ideas are Christmas related but if you have any ideas do let me know as I am always open to suggestions. I kind of feel like in the New Year I am going to have loads more blog posts as well full of reviews of things I’m going to get for Christmas and my Birthday and stuff like that, so keep prepared for that. I’m also thinking about writing baking blog posts though I’m going to have to think about doing that a lot in order to get decent pictures and exact timings etc. as I’m someone who tends to put it in for 10-15 minutes, check it, then give it longer if need be. But yeah, let me know what you would like to see on here in the next month or so and whether this is a good idea or not (I really hope it is!)

Right, after that ramble I’m actually going to get on with this blog post!


First off, the packaging. The packaging of this lipstick is very sophisticated but also minimalist. As you can tell, it’s very different to the Kate Moss lipstick packaging. It has a shiny, deep maroon-y, purple kind of bullet (though it does look black from a distance) and has a silver band around where the lid joins to the actual bullet. I actually like this as this is quite unique, I don’t have a lipstick that will have that and therefore makes it easy to recognise. On the silver band it has ‘Rimmel’ embossed and on the top of the lid it has the traditional sloping edge and the crown logo embossed on there. I personally like this because straight away from looking in my lipstick bag I can tell what brand it is and if I’m in a rush it’s amazing. It’s very easy to carry around in your handbag and I do kind of feel like I would trust it to stay together in my bag all day and not have the lid in one corner and the bullet in another with the whole inside of my bag being the same colour as my lips. That trust! Like most lipsticks, it has a sticker on the bottom with the name of the lipstick on and also shows the shade of the lipstick. This is literally the best colour matching I’ve ever seen with the sticker and the actual colour. Very impressed with that!


The colour that I own this lipstick in is 086 Sugar Plum, the most beautiful colour I have laid my eyes on. This could be worn all year, though it is slightly deeper toned than other pinks, so maybe mostly in Autumn/Winter. It’s a purple/blue-toned deep pink which I have come to love. When I first saw this I was like ‘nah, that is not me’ but then I became convinced, slowly became obsessed and eventually bought it. I wore it and within one lip being completed it was just like perfection and it was just love. There we go! There is a wide range of colours in this collection and I may have to go get some more if they’re going to do magical things to my face like this one here. It has very slight shimmer that can be missed, but the colours beauty makes me forget about the lack of glitter (though who really wants chunks of glitter on their face?).

The scent of this is very sweet, though a different kind of sweet to the Kate Moss one’s. I would personally describe it more like sugar biscuits or sugar cookies rather than vanilla but it is still beautiful. As you know, I’m a sucker for scented lipsticks!


Now onto the product and formula itself. This is really super creamy and a pleasure to put onto my face. It says it lasts 8 hours and it does, some may come off round the centre of your mouth if you’ve been eating or drinking, but around the edges it really does stay. After 8 hours it does become fairly matte, but it isn’t like really really matte when you first apply it. It has a sheen (good word that) when you first put it on and it creates a really nice finish to a look. If you have dry areas on your lips it can dry them out further and emphasize them, but if not all they do is make your lips look like perfection for the day. I lip balm and exfoliator may be necessary if you have dry lips before using this product, but it’s only ever irritated me like twice and I wear it a lot, so it’s generally fine.

Lastly, the price. This bad boy is only £4.99 and is available in both Boots and Superdrug. They are so affordable and easy to get your hands on, why would you not get one? A little bit more than the Kate Moss one’s, if I remember rightly, but well worth that tiny bit extra!

Overall, this is one of my new favourite lipsticks that will stay a firm favourite for a while, I’m feeling. The colour and the formula make me want to squeeze my little face with joy and I would highly recommend one to you, my dear readers. It should be a crime to not own one. I’d never personally heard of these before, but it’s probably due to them being over-shadowed by the Kate Moss lipsticks. In my opinion, I think they’re on the same level and the actual Rimmel ones should get a lot more recognition.

And there we have it! I have a feeling these will become one of those staple products that I will still be loving at 72, but that’s fine, I mean seriously, they are perfect. One Direction wrote that song for these lipsticks, no joke! If you have one of these, let me know what you think or what products I need to try next!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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