Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick (in 38) Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today I have another review for you and this time the infamous Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks, especially talking about the shade 38 as that’s the only one I own and can therefore review. I bought this in the Summer and I just thought that it was still worth it, it doesn’t look too bad still and at least I can still give a decent review. I got it due to hearing such good things about it and I got this colour as I didn’t really have a nude-y pink lipstick like this that was perfect for Summer and/or smokey eyes and also, it’s so damn gorgeous! I’m going to get on, there’s a lot to say!


The first thing I’m going to talk about is the packaging. I love the packaging of this product! It’s very minimalist which I really like as it makes it look oh-so-sleek and I actually prefer product packaging like this as it doesn’t look too busy. Yes, I am contradicting myself from other reviews where I’ve said I’ve loved the amount of information on them, but this is a lipstick, it goes on the lips, no more needs to be said, really, and minimalism really does make me happy! I also love how it has Kate Moss’ signature in red on the lid, it makes it very easy to find amongst some of my other lipsticks and also makes it looks very unique. My only issue is when I buy more, I will start to become confused and it won’t be so easy and simple to find in my lip-product bag. A way in which Rimmel or Kate Moss could improve this is perhaps make the writing to match the colour of the lipstick. That would make things a hell of a lot easier to detect. On the bottom there is also a sticker which says ’38’ on it (as that is the colour name) and has the same colour background as the colour of the lipstick. Quick one with this: where are the lovely colour names? I have been known to buy lipsticks simply for the name … where are the lovely colour names?!


Next up the scent and colour. The scent is very sweet. It’s more sugary that vanilla-y, I would say, but as you will know, I love smells like this. In all fairness, I love most smells, so it wasn’t that difficult to find a smell that will please me. I’m one of those people that actually likes scented lipsticks just because your lips are under your nose, so until you get used to it/it wears off, you will have that smell under your nose. Which I like. I’m a nose-related person.

The colour of this is very Summer-y. I will probably find a reason (or rhyme for that matter) to wear this, however, you know me. It’s a nude-y pink with slight coral undertones, though that’s not too noticeable. I have fairly pigmented lips so I do worry about whether a nude or light colour will actually change the colour of my lips, but this does! This is such a gorgeous colour for Spring/Summer and would honestly wear it everyday if I could. In the picture it does look slightly dull, but trust me, it is fairly bright. It may need to be blotted down, but sometimes I will just go for it! If it’s not blotted down it can look very coral-ly but I find it does blend in or blot out over time to look more natural.


Finally onto the product itself! I was so excited to use this product, and I was right to! This lasts all day, no matter what you’re doing with yourself. It may need a top up if it’s a day to night kind of affair but if it does wear off it honestly doesn’t look that bad because it’s so natural. It can cling to dry patches but at the same time it is slightly moisturising, which doesn’t make sense, but kind of does. My lips are bipolar, so sometimes they’re really dry and chapped but other times they look like they can be on a toothpaste advert. On the days where they do look perfect, it literally glides on and stays on all day. On days where they’re not so perfect, I do end up using lip balm every few hours to help my lips and blend the colour a bit more if it has worn off (little tip which I love, by the way!). I think that the name of this lipstick (Lasting Finish) really does suit it though the fact it dried my lips out did kind of shock me a bit. Wasn’t expecting that (oh hai there Jamie Lawson!)! It’s not matte, but not entirely glossy nor shimmer. It’s very neutral and could possibly be worn for school or work if you’re only allowed minimal makeup if you do want to make that extra effort.

Lastly, the price. The price of this lipstick is only £5.49. Woah, what?? Shut the front door, Rach, you can’t be serious! Oh, but I am. This little gem is well worth that and more and there’s a wide range of colours in which you will more than likely find one to suit you. Better yet, buy them all! My aim for 2016 *wink*. This is available in both Boots and Superdrug, making it all the more easier to get hold of and enjoy in our lives!

And there we are! Overall I would recommend these lipsticks and this colour in particular for Spring/Summer. I honestly think you get so much more than what you pay and everyone should own one of these lipsticks. Absolutely stunning.

For those of you that noticed, I didn’t upload a blog post on Tuesday but instead on Monday. This was because I went to go see Blood Brothers at the theatre on Tuesday and I just thought I should update you on that just very quickly now. I really enjoyed it. As I’ve been studying the script for months I kind of said the words with the actors (sorry to those around me) and the songs were amazing and it really gave me a different perspective as to how to act it out in Drama. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone. It is very sad and as I knew what was going to happen I spent the whole second half wishing the end wouldn’t come, it was crazy! I didn’t cry though, strong!

So there we go. Let me know what other products I need to try which you love or your favourite colour of this lipstick. I’m always willing to spend my money on things to put on my face!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed and I hope to see you soon,

Rachel xx


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