Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation + Concealer Review

Good Evening Munchkins! (Happy 5th of November as well to my British Munchkins!)

Today I will be reviewing two items for you (cup of tea might be necessary), the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and the Concealer. Woah, there pony, shut the front door, two in one? Oh yes, my Munchkins, two! I felt like if I did the foundation in one and the concealer in another it would seem to drag, and they go together so why not? If you own either of these products, let me know what you think of them as I know it’s very highly rate (one reason why I got them).


I bought the two of these together whilst out shopping with a friend after hearing so much about it and I was excited as soon as I picked them up (and then subsequently paid for them). I love Rimmel products, literally most of the stuff I own are Rimmel so I knew I couldn’t be disappointed completely. I think I’m going to start with the foundation.


Firstly, the packaging. As some may know, my favourite colour is orange and the lid is also which excites me greatly. I really like the unorthodox shape of it (which isn’t shown greatly in the picture) as it feels so much more sleek and stylish. The lid itself is plastic, as is the *orange* pump. Oh yes, and a pump. Am I the only one who becomes really satisfied when using a pump? It makes me feel like I’m not wasting the product and just helps even out how much I use on a day to day basis. I do have one issue about the pump though: what do I do once there’s still some product that the pump can’t reach? What happens then? The bottle itself is glass, which could be a hazard once travelling, but it does make it feel, as I said before, a lot more sleek and stylish. I also like how the main points and benefits of this foundation are listed on the front in order to read it quickly. Very nice, like it a lot.

The product itself feels very light on the skin but also has amazing coverage. I do find that I have to apply more onto my cheeks, where I have more redness, or build up a bit more coverage with my powder. I tend to use one full pump and find that’s enough, which also means I don’t have to apply too much onto my skin and clog all of that up. My colour is 010 Light Porcelain, the lightest colour they have, which matches my neck perfectly. I tend to find some foundations too dark for my skin, but this one actually shocked me in how amazingly it matched. Bonus points for that. It applies really easily and blends in nicely. I do kind of feel scared to apply product directly in my hairline, though, in case it ends up in my hair and I can’t get it out or something. Anyone else get that or just me? This foundation also has a light smell that reminds me of Summer and reminds me through these dark November days that there is such a thing as the sun. It does have a slightly dewy complexion but I tend to matte this down with powder.  This is available in Superdrug and Boots.


The next product is the Concealer. The packaging is only slightly similar so I’ll just go through this one as well. It has the same orange lid, only is circular, like the whole product packaging. I like the size and shape of this as it’s small and easy to fit into my make-up bag if I’m going away or something. It also has the plastic lid and points about it’s benefits on the front but has a sturdy plastic bottle as well (I think, don’t quote me on that). This is slightly more reassuring for travelling though does make it feel a bit cheaper than the foundation. I like how it matches the foundation because then they look really pretty together (just me?) and like a pair. It comes with a doe-foot applicator which I also really like, though I only use a swipe of that, transferred onto the back of my hand, to also make sure I don’t use too much product. When I first bought it I would use one swipe under one of my eyes which uses a significant amount of product. The applicator is soft and not harsh under the eyes which is useful for those that want to apply it that way.

Now for the product. I use this after the foundation under my eyes as on the bottle it does say brightening or light reflecting, or something along those lines (basically to ‘wake you up’). I bought this in the lightest shade it offered, being 010 Ivory (another question, why the same number but different name?), but it is still too orange-y on me. If there was a concealer the exact same colour at the foundation it would’ve been fine but I don’t really see the brightening effects. I haven’t noticed a significant difference in my under-eye circles through the concealer alone, but my whole base routine (foundation, concealer and powder) seems to hide the majority of them. This could be down to my bad under-eye circles or the concealer, but I was disappointed by it after seeing such great results from the foundation.  This is also available in both Superdrug and Boots.

As you may have noticed I haven’t included and reviewed the price of them. I bought the two of them in Superdrug at the end of September for just £11 something (could be wrong, probably is, sorry). This shocked me greatly as I worked out it would be something around £15, but I think it was a deal for buying the two together. Whether this is still on or not is something I’m not entirely sure of, so you’ll have to go in and check. The foundation on it’s own is £8.99 and the concealer is £5.49. The foundation I find quite expensive but this is the first one I’ve bought from an actual drugstore so it might be average, but I can’t see myself saving that up every time I need a new one. In saying this, it does seem to last a while and I don’t wear it 7 days a week so that will help it last longer also.

So now the final question: do I recommend these products? The foundation more than the concealer, but yes, I love them. They make me feel like a proper grown-up with my matching foundation and concealer. Ooh yeah, goals! Haha. If you have any tips you use that help either or these products do let me know and I will be sure to try them out. Also, what other foundations and/or concealers do I need to try? Let me know with that also.

So thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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