October Favourites 2015

Good Evening Munchkins!

I think I’ve officially decided to blog on a Tuesday and Thursday, so here you go! Today I will be sharing my October Favourites with you, though am I allowed yet since I’ve only just come back to blogging? I hope so, as I love these kind of blog posts. I haven’t got too many and some of the pictures aren’t very good (I promise, they will be better) but I will just crack on and hope that you enjoy them. Also, I took some of the pictures from previous blog posts and some I took like 10 minutes ago and it’s already dark, so sorry, they will be more consistent soon. For the products I haven’t yet reviewed in this blog post (beauty products that is) I will be reviewing them soon.


So my first favourite of the month is the Garnier Micellar Water. I have already reviewed this (which you can find HERE) if you would like a more in-depth review. This is the first cleanser I’ve ever used and it has completely changed my view on skincare routines. I feel so much cleaner once I’ve used this to take my makeup off (which it does oh-so-easily) and using this actually excites me. This is so cheap, I can’t even believe it myself! It is available at both Boots and Superdrug, in a small and a big bottle; I just bought the small bottle to try it. Even if this doesn’t sound like you’re kind of thing, for the money it’s worth trying anyway. Not saying to waste money but if I had it, I almost definitely would.


My second favourite item is something I included in a haul last week and am planning on reviewing soon (find haul HERE). This is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 086 Sugar Plum. This is the most beautiful blue-toned pink-y purple colour that actually lasts. It applies so smoothly and feels gorgeous on the lips. I love Rimmel Lipsticks anyway, I think this is just a given, to be honest. It also has an amazing vanilla-y smell, which I personally love in lipsticks. I’ve only had it a week but I’ve worn it so much. Love all around! This is available in Boots and Superdrug as well.


My next product is this Rimmel Scandaleyes 24hr Shadow Stick in 002 Bulletproof Beige. Although it says beige, it is very much a more champagne-y colour which I love. I wear this in everyday, even at school, and am absolutely in love with it. I’ve had it a little while now but am still in love so thought I’d include it (I was also on my break when I got this). I will be doing a proper review on this, also, but all you need to know is it’s a creamy consistency, shimmer, easy to apply (no brushes needed) and lasts all day. I’m tempted to go and buy them in all the colours and there is a Kate collection on this so yes, much excite. This is available in Superdrug.


My final beauty favourite is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent (available at Boots and Superdrug). I thought this powder was just for setting foundation, but I’ve actually been using this on school days to build coverage like a light foundation, and it does so very nicely. It’s also pale enough for my skin tone! It does also have a really nice matte effect on my foundation (which I love at this time of year) and lightens the colour of that if need be. This does last all day, though it may need topping up on it’s own on places like my cheeks which tend to go red very easily. It’s also very affordable, another bonus. Loving it!


Onto random favourites now is this drink. A bit odd, I know, but it’s so delicious. It is the Ribena in Mulled Wine flavour. I’ve never actually had Mulled Wine, and I haven’t yet tried this hot (it doesn’t really appeal) but when it’s cold, it’s literally a more Christmas-y version of Ribena, which pleases me greatly. I enjoy a glass of this when and wherever, it just settles me a little bit and reminds me that Christmas is NEXT MONTH. Oh, yes then. It does smell and taste a little different to Ribena, so it wouldn’t pass as being the same if you want to trick anyone, but I actually prefer it to normal Ribena. I found this in Sainsbury’s but I’m not sure if it’s available in other shops, you’ll have to check. I don’t see why not, but yanno. Don’t want to be held responsible for a revolution due to a child’s drink.


My penultimate favourite (nice, very nice) is my Toasted Marshmallow candle by Jelly Belly. I got this about a year and a half ago (hence the seen-better-days packaging) but this Autumn I have had this lit all the time. The smell is quite sweet and, to some, over-powering, but as it diffuses, it does come across as more vanilla-y. It’s a very warm smell and makes me feel all cosy and joyful about the cold weather (well that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say!). I bought this off of Amazon and I’m unsure where you can get Jelly Belly candles actually in shops in the UK, so you may have to hunt around a little bit.

My final favourite is American Horror Story which I’ve been watching on Netflix. I’ve only watched one episode (episode one, series one, how controversial!) and I’m already addicted. Evan Peters? Any day of week, thanking you kindly. I’m getting more into horror, probably as I’m getting older, and things aren’t scaring me as easily as before, so I’m enjoying those kind of things, but I don’t find it very scary, which is  actually a bonus! I love the characters so far and I’m finding myself talking to my TV, which is something that hardly ever happens (mainly due to the fact I  hardly watch TV, but yanno). Love it, cannot get enough, just yes.

So those are my favourites for the month! I have a whole range of blog posts lined up (2 more going up this week, get excited!) and I’m very excited to write them all for you. Let me know you’re favourites of this month, sharing is caring after all! Also, I hope you had a great Halloween, my make-up made me so happy even if I was wearing it for like 3 hours. Oh well, life’s life! I’m also thinking about doing a ‘Favourites’ but a general ‘Winter’ one where I just show you my favourite makeup tricks for this time of year. Let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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    1. Awww, thank you! Is always reassuring when someone else agrees, I didn’t just get a faulty one! Haha! I would love to check out your blog, thank you so much for the comment. Rachel xx

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