Autumn/Winter 2015 Haul

Good Morning Munchkins!

Sticking to my word, I’m back again, but today with a haul, which I love writing and reading and watching. Woah there pony, somebody hold me down before I get way too excited! Basically I went shopping the other day and bought a few bits, all of which I love and I thought I would share those with you now, so tuck yourself in with Autumnal goodness, a warm-scented candle (some will understand, others won’t!) and cup of tea (or coffee, we don’t judge here) and enjoy all this lovely, joyfulness. Wow, I am feeling positive today! Lets get this show on the road!

So I went down to the city (not London, just my local one, as you do) and they have the best shopping centre there EVER. Remember how I raved about the Liverpool Primark oh-so long ago? Well, that’s been pushed out the way, I have a new, firm favourite. Is it sad I have a favourite Primark? Anyway, I went to Primark (did I give it away?) and bought a couple of Winter-y bits which I absolutely adore.


The first thing I saw and completely fell in love with was this jumper, which I am wearing as I write. This is the softest, cutest jumper I’ve ever laid eyes on and although it’s not flattering and doesn’t do much for me, it was too much to resist. It’s black and fluffy and in white says ‘meow’ with white whiskers coming off of it and little ears on the hood. Just, like, life is complete now, it is safe to say! This is so warm and thick, it will definitely keep me warm and snug and I just, I’m done, this jumper is too good. Also, where I’m so small, the hood and the bit connecting the hood forms a pillow when I sit down, which is handy. Short people will take over the world! This was only £12 as well, so it ticked all the boxes for me! Sidenote: I do have hair, it’s just in a ponytail!


The second thing I picked up in Primark was this cape. I’m going to be honest with you now, I had doubts about this. Is it flattering? Does it drown me? Does it make me look bigger than I am? How can I pull this off when I don’t even know the name  (please, dear reader, tell me the actual name, cape sounds a bit heroic for me!)? The answer is: I don’t care, it’s really warm and soft (do you notice a theme here?!). This, for those that don’t know, is basically a shaped blanket that you wear as a coat for when it’s cold but not raining (that could go very wrong). You can wear it slightly open or crossed over like myself, but the truth is, I just really like it! I’d see other girls wearing it and be like ‘oh it would never suit me’ but you never know until you try! I think I will be using this for years to come, it’s just gorgeous. Again, only £12, even better!


The next place I went was Boots, which is also in superstore form, may I add. I knew that if I was to go into either Boots or Superdrug I would like to purchase another Rimmel lipstick, as my Kate Moss one is amazing (I bought it in the Summer, review will be up soon) and I just needed another in my life. This isn’t a Kate Moss one (which I realised at least minute), but the colour of this is amazing. This is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Sugar Plum (086), which is available in both Boots and Superdrug. I’ve worn this a couple of times and the colour is amazing. I won’t get too into it as I do want to write a review on it, but I didn’t own a colour like it (pink-y purple, think Louise Pentland and you’re not too far off!) so I thought as I had the chance, do it. Though I am very indecisive, Kate Moss 107 nearly took it’s place instead. This was only £4.99.


The last thing I purchased was the Father Christmas Bath Bomb from Lush. There is one Lush near where I live, and so whenever I go into the city, it’s a must to go in there. I love Lush, it’s no lie, but I’m also indecisive, so I wanted only one product but of course, I didn’t know what. I eventually nailed it down to the Halloween/Christmas range (which you need to check out, this year smells delicious) but then, which one?! I am literally the worst, but I chose this one as it had a fairly sweet smell, but also slightly fresher than some of the others. I think I’m going to try and review this as well once I’ve used it, though I’ve never done it for a Bath Bomb before, so this should be interesting! He just looks so cute, I think I’ll feel a bit bad when I do use him … This was one of the least expensive ones and came in at £3.65.

And there we go! Small haul done and complete! I hope you did enjoy and I did benefit your lives in some way today! This blog post went really fast today, let me know if it was up to scratch, if not, I am sorry! Anyway, let me know which item was your favourite, least favourite, yours thoughts and recommendations, I’m a people person, I bounce off other people, let me bounce off you! This is just getting a bit odd now, I might leave it there!

Thank you so much for reading and have a Happy Halloween if I don’t speak to you before,

Rachel xx


3 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter 2015 Haul”

    1. I’m 5″1, so I guess we’re both unlucky when it comes to whether things fit or not! Haha. Despite this, I do find that some Primark clothes in general are actually alright length-wise, or maybe they shrink in the wash, I don’t know, but the cape doesn’t drag or anything! Xx

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