Beginners Makeup Bag

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

As you may or may not know, my family is primarily boys (for a bit of specific maths, in my line of generation there are 9 boys and 3 girls including me. Yep.) which means I’m embracing those 2 other girl cousins with open arms. They are only 4 and 5, but I’ve already kind of decided I’m going to give them their first makeup bag with all their first makeup-y bits, hence this here blog post. This may change before they fall in love with makeup (i.e. I force them into it!) but this is like pretty standard what you should have in your first ever makeup bag, in my opinion. This could be for a younger sister, cousin, friend, anyone that is just starting to get into makeup. I’m going to include a few specific suggestions, but some I might leave pretty broad so you can choose yourself. On we go!

Makeup Bag

For my little girlies I will probably buy a really cute, cheap one from Primark (does that make me sound tight?). It will need to be pretty waterproof and that kind of material that you can get things off easily on. They always have loads of cute designs to choose from and they’re like £3! Yes please, thanking you muchly.

Model’s Own Brushes Set

I have had this set since I was 10 and love them. They are so easy to use and don’t break the bank at all. This includes 5 brushes, all for different things and I think getting a kit is so much better than getting individual brushes. On the handle it has written on it what its used for and you wanna know the best bit? IT’S NEON ORANGE!!!!!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

This is where it could get tricky if you’re buying this as a present for someone as you will need to colour match. You could try and guess, but it’s very risky. This concealer has received so many positive reviews I couldn’t not leave it out. It’s also cheap as chips so they can repurchase it themselves if they want to once it’s finished!

Powder Foundation (Light Coverage)

This doesn’t even need to be foundation, it can just be a loose powder. On days where I can’t be bothered to do the whole thing, I will just apply some concealer then put on some powder over top to try and create some sort of coverage. At a young age I think a liquid foundation would be too much and ruin their youthful skin. Also, applying a liquid foundation might scare them – I know it does me!

Blush/Contour Kit

I’m still in 2 minds about this, and it probably will depend on who it’s for, but I think if the person your giving it to is still quite young, maybe just a blush kit would be more suited. Again, the kits are so much better for building up a kit/makeup bag as it’s so much more affordable for say 5 in a palette rather than 5 on their own.

Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

Nearly every brand does one, but it is up to you. I would probably get a Collection one because Collection is actually really good or if I’m feeling super duper generous, a Sleek one (boy, they’re good!). If your chosen young female likes Little Mix, all the better, you can get their one from Collection! I just think you can’t go wrong with neutrals and I wouldn’t want to scare them by placing bright pinks and blues in front of them. The theme of today is just ease them in slowly!

Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ Mascara

I haven’t heard much about this mascara recently, but Tanya Burr used to love it. Only the best for my girls! I also really like the different packaging’s that they come in – Rachel’s gonna have some fun with this one! One of the girls has blonde hair so she may have pale eyelashes as well, but I will double check. If they are pale, I’ll choose a less harsh colour than black.

Brown Eye Pencil

I have used black eye pencil for as long as I’ve been wearing makeup, but for them I think it would be better to get something less harsh. If they fall in love with makeup like I did at 10, then maybe a darker brown! I also think brown is so universal and can be used for anything these days! I think either Rimmel or Maybelline do a good one, I can’t remember which.

Brow Kit

I would get one (I think Collection have one) that has like light to medium then medium to dark, just so I can get the best colour for them. Don’t want them walking round with slugs on their eyes! Also, this will hopefully put them more in the direction they should go in! You’ve heard me rave about kits before, lets just move on haha.

Lipstick Kit

I’ve probably called it the wrong thing, but one of those palettes that has lip colours in and the whole kit and kaboodle! I think this will just give them a range of colours to learn and work with and hopefully be for the best! Again – kits are key! Hopefully I’ll find one that has a range of colours, a gloss and hopefully a lip balm in it. Is that too much to ask? Haha.

So there we go! Let me know if you’ve done this kind of thing and what you put in it. I’ll be interested to know for in 5/6 years time when it’s my turn to do it! I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog post actually, looking forward to the good parts of the future!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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