How To: Naturalistic Boys Makeup

Good Morning Munchkins!

How has your week been? Mine has gone very, very well and if things go to plan, it will be in my next Favourites. Today might be a confusing blog post for some of you or might not interest you at all, but when I leave school and college I would love to be a makeup artist, particularly in theatre. This is just my happy place in a way and would love to be able to get to know the actors and actresses etc. This does however mean that boys also need makeup, even if it’s a very naturalistic play because this shows the true meaning of makeup which is enhancing your natural beauty. Today I’m just going to show you what I would use on a male actor who is playing a very natural role (if you know the play Two by Jim Cartwright, (which I’m currently performing, oh hai there!) think of the character Moth, though this look is very versatile). Unfortunately, I don’t have a model in order to show it on, but use your imagination!

Mineral Powder Foundation – 

This would be my go-to type of foundation for most male characters and probably most child characters just because it looks a lot more natural than a liquid foundation. If you’re walking down the street, you can probably guess which girls (or boys) are wearing liquid foundation, and we really don’t want that with this kind of look. This would need a primer underneath it but I think that’s just staple for stage makeup anyway as they’re under hot lights for around 2 hours. Also, the coverage of this can be built up with a lot more control as oppose to other forms of foundation. For actors with dry skin, you would need to apply a bit more moisturizer than you might already use just so it doesn’t look patchy or powdery.

Concealer – 

Only use this if it’s really needed after the foundation. Try not to use a highlighting one as this can also look a bit false and as if makeup is being worn. Only use it on blemishes that would be a serious problem on stage. I would personally use Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer, but not apply it straight from the doe-foot applicator. I would instead put a little bit on the back of my hand and pick up tiny amounts with a small brush, then buff it in. I haven’t used this concealer myself, but I’ve heard it can look cake-y and that’s why I would use it in this way. If they have pigmented eye lids, you could also use a bit on there just to even out the skin tone.

Blush – 

If your character just has a blank face (*tries desperately to not sing Blank Space*), they can look a bit dead and lifeless. Unless that is your characters intended look, this is not what I would call natural. Before your apply makeup, colour match what colour their cheeks might be if they’re not physically a colour, like mine are, and try and use a colour similar. This means it will work naturally with the skin tone. However, don’t pack it on as the poor actor will end up looking like he’s been slapped in the face! Go very, very light with the brush, holding it right at the end and tapping off any excess before actually applying it. This isn’t always necessary but will give a bit more life to the character. If the actor naturally has rosy cheeks and they haven’t been fully covered by the foundation, I wouldn’t bother with any more blush. If you do go a bit overboard, just take some foundation or the remains from your foundation brush and go over your cheeks lightly with it to dust some off.

Eyeliner –

I know this might seem a bit unorthodox, but this is a trick I use all the time in my makeup routine and works so well. If you see where your waterline is in your eye, just try and find the one on your lid (just below the upper lash line) as this is where we will be applying some pencil/kohl eyeliner. I use pencil but I know some prefer kohl, it’s entirely up to you. Try and use the actors natural lash colour as this will look a lot more natural than just using a black on everyone. I use black on myself but that’s because I have really dark eyelashes but if they have brown eyelashes, use brown and so on. What this does is it makes the lash line and your lashes look a lot thicker. Try it and see, it’s one of the best little tricks.

Mascara – 

In a girl’s everyday makeup, mascara is key. I wasn’t sure whether to include this or not as using a coloured mascara could make the eyelashes look quite clumpy and therefore false. For me, I would always keep a clear mascara in my makeup bag so that I know I’m prepared for everyone. By using a clear mascara, your eyelashes will still be separated and defined, but they just won’t look clumpy. You will have to use one of the disposable wands, but with it being smaller it means you can get a bit more control. To make things even better, you could try and get one that conditions eyelashes so they aren’t being damaged every time you remove their makeup afterwards.

Eyebrow Set – 

Like the mascara, you could get the clear one or get one that matches the actors natural hair colour. Just be warned not to go too dark or too full-on. Boys tend to have much thicker and fuller eyebrows anyway, so this is just to touch up the sparse areas a little bit. Of course you can use a clear one to do the same as the clear mascara, it just depends on the actors eyebrows and things like that.

Tinted Lip Balm – 

To coincide (good word, that!) with the conditioning mascara, you might as well get something for the lips as well. It doesn’t need to be highly pigmented or even tinted, it can just be sheer and moisturizing. Try and use a colour that matches their lip colour because then if it comes off a little bit, it won’t really matter. I wouldn’t apply it thickly because I think we all know that feeling when we have a lot of lip balm on and we just keep rubbing our lips together. Yep, guilty! I think this is one of those subconscious things and you would not want to be doing that constantly in each scene. I would just tap it on the lips in various places, then blend it with my finger and ta dah! Also, this would be really easy to apply between scenes if need be.

And there we have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed and learnt something from this blog post. I’ve actually really enjoyed it, I don’t know about you but yeah! If you would like me to do more like this then let me know with some suggestions and I will get to that for you.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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