Everyday Makeup For Glasses Wearers

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

I’m not sure how many of you know, but I am short sighted and therefore need to wear glasses. This isn’t a new addition to my life, I’ve had to since I was 10 but only starting from last September I started wearing my glasses full time. This is just simply because I got a nicer frame and wanted to wear them! This has meant I’ve had to learn what looks good and what doesn’t with glasses and hopefully I can impart some of that wisdom to you today. I know not everyone where’s glasses but as these frames are quite on trend you can probably pick up some with clear lenses from New Look if you really want to recreate this look.

So here is the face charts and my glasses (if you want a bit of background):


I personally feel like glasses tone down your look sometimes so I like to wear shimmer and black liner with them. This is obviously down to personal preference, but it’s what I prefer. If you would like to see this look with some more colour, click HERE and it will take you to a previous blog post of mine where there is so.



Using my Model’s Own Blending Brush and taking Feather (the white) from my [Collection’s] Little Mix’s All About The Eyes Palette, I’m just applying this to the inner half of my eye. These colours are so pigmented for the price and so you won’t need much to get the colour perfect.


Taking Sunkissed (the next one along) on the same brush, I’m just going to apply this on the outer half and in the crease. I know some people are a bit weird about shimmer in the crease but I’m fine with it! This creates a kind of natural smokey eye (but not, if you get me!).


Lastly, using my Model’s Own Angled Brush and Blackbird from the same palette, I’m just going to line my lash line then sweep up what I have left on the brush into a mini-wing. By doing this, it will create more of a shadow rather than a harsh line which would be a bit too much for daytime (in my opinion). I love black liner with these glasses!

Tanya Burr I Found Nemo

For lips, a natural colour is something that would be most suitable so I would take this lip gloss from Tanya Burr in I Found Nemo. It can be built up or left sheer, so it won’t really clash with the bronze-y colour.

And there we go! It is that easy to make your glasses work with your makeup! There are of course loads of looks you can do for your glasses as it is personal preference and trial and error, so this is just one word in an encyclopedia of makeup! If you do have any requests, do let me know and I will get to it.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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