Caitlyn Jenner ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Tutorial

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Happy June to you all, and no-cloud-in-the-sky weather is finally upon us! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week then you will know that there were 2 very exciting announcements on Monday. The first one, 2nd Kimye Baby on the way(!!!!!) and the second, ‘Call Me Caitlyn’. If you really are unaware, then Bruce Jenner (ex-husband of Kris Jenner and father to Kylie and Kendall) has fully transitioned to a woman called Caitlyn. I literally couldn’t be happier; I’ve only recently got into the Kardashian’s (as you’ll know if you read last months Favourites) but this has made my little heart go into meltdown! I was seriously bouncing off the walls Monday – June is already better! I know everyone’s going on about it, but I feel so proud of her and put her on my list of ‘People I Want To Meet’. Yep, I have one of them! Anyway, I’m going to be recreating the makeup she wore on her Vanity Fair cover which was where we saw her first glimpse as her new self.

Here is the picture to remind you and the face chart to follow:

FB_20150601_17_43_51_Saved_Picture WP_20150604_16_48_37_Pro

I can’t remember where I found this picture, but it was definitely useful for this purpose! As you can tell, she is wearing minimal makeup (hence why I also called this a ‘No Makeup’ look) but kind of symbolizes femininity in it. She is wearing some pink-y tones and a lot of white, cool colours which I think we can also say we think more of females rather than men when it comes to that. I think if you’re just getting into makeup this is the kind of thing you should go for as it’s very neutral and easy but also shows how to work with colour. I would also like to warn you now that the pictures for some reason haven’t come out amazingly but it is cool colours, so ya know! Choose who you want to blame! I feel like for this look she wore mineral powder foundation, used a high coverage concealer and filled in her eyebrows with a colour lighter than her natural one. Just for those who would like to create the full-on look. I think she looks amazing (I am going to try not to go on, I really am!), I would love to look like that at 65. Yes, I know a lot of surgery has gone into it but she really does look beautiful. There are some features that are a bit more masculine, but their just things she can’t change as it’s mainly her bone/muscle structure.



So on my Model’s Own Blending Brush I’m going to take Bow from my Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special and put this all across the lid. This is just a white colour that will even out the skin tone on your eyes and create the natural-ness Caitlyn had. Also, shall we take a moment to appreciate to gorgeousness of my under-eye circles?!


Using the same brush and from the same palette I’m taking The Mail and use that in my crease as my contour colour. In the picture you can’t see a clear contour colour, but I can’t live without this colour! It’s perfect for blue eyes! Also, I can’t imagine her not having a crease colour on a photo shoot, am I the only one who thinks that would be a bit unordinary? (Is that even a word? I’m going mad!)


(Sorry for blurriness, I’ve only just noticed!) Lastly I’m going to take Pamper which is the lighter pink in the bottom left hand corner and place that on the inner third and just underneath my bottom lash line. Using the picture on the left (the close up), I could kind of see some pink in these places so thought I should do the same (I mean, considering it’s an inspired look and all!). You can take the other pink (which I’ve completely forgotten the name of, sorry!) but I thought as it was quite a clean look, it would be better to go for the lighter one.

Tanya Burr I Found Nemo

On the lips it’s slightly glossy and of course natural so I would go for Tanya Burr’s I Found Nemo. This is just the perfect colour for this look and so many others as it’s one of those that just goes with everything! Well worth looking into, in my opinion!

And there we go, Caitlyn Jenner all complete and stunning! I think I’ve probably bored you all with my obsession with her, but it makes me so happy that she’s finally done this! I hate the fact that people (not naming names!) are calling her a ‘science experiment’ and stuff because let’s be honest, our parents all have something they don’t really want to tell us. This just happened to be one the of the most famous parents in the world! I love the support she’s getting and I’m happy she’s now happy in her own skin. I think that’s the best award in the world. She really is an inspiration to many.

Anyway, the soppiness is now over and done with so thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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