Top 10 Summer Must Haves 2015

Good Morning Munchkins!

Today I will be sharing with you my Top 10 Summer Must Haves because I came to realise that when I did my Winter/Summer Favourites, it was just Must Haves so I thought I would actually name it that. You all caught up yet? Also, because I’m now doing monthly favourites (expect it in my next blog post), it just seemed appropriate to coincide (posh word there!) with it. Whether this is a Summer/Winter thing or all 4 seasons, that is entirely up to you, so let me know which you would prefer. Another little question, would you like me to do a makeup look for you from the new Little Mix Black Magic music video? It came out this morning and I’m in love with it! However, I’m unsure which look to do if any at all as they’re all so gorgeous and so different. So yeah, 2 things being controlled by you, have fun! I think I’ve gone on enough now, so onto the Must Haves!

BB Cream/CC Cream


So my first Must Have is a BB Cream or CC Cream (this one from Body Shop is just for show). BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm and CC Cream stands for Colour Corrector so it would depend on your skin type which one you would go for. If you don’t want to wear something as heavy as foundation in the Summer but still feel you couldn’t go with out, then I would really recommend one of these. This has a much lighter coverage but still covers your insecurities whichever one it might be. They apply in the same way as a liquid foundation and you should choose one to your preferences like a normal foundation, it’s just a slightly different finish.

Ankle/Frilly Socks


Now, I’m going to be honest with you, I love socks probably way too much. I wear them all year round and they just make me happy (don’t ask why, I’m still wondering myself!). Sometimes when my feet aren’t looking their best or I haven’t painted my toenails for a while, I’ll just want to cover them but I won’t want massive socks. I will instead reach for da da da – ankle or frilly socks (depending on the outfit)! Frilly socks are (or were) a huge trend and I just think their so cute. Also, I tend to wear my dresses and skirts with shoes, so they are really practical. I also sometimes where black ankle socks as they are so easy to put with everything. The frilly socks are from Primark and only £1 a pair and my black ankle socks I tend to get from Sports Direct for a few pounds for like 5 pairs. Will be wearing these non-stop, I can assure you.

Lip Glosses


Another beauty related product is Lip Gloss. As with wanting a lighter foundation, you will tend to want something light on the lips but still with a high pigmentation. The Lip Glosses I will be turning to this season are the Tanya Burr ones, in particular in the colour Aphrodite (top) and I Found Nemo (bottom). These lip products are amazing – they’re so highly pigmented, they’re not sticky and they smell like heaven on Earth. The Lip Glosses I really want to try are from the new Rita Ora collection by Rimmel, the Oh My Gloss‘. Would love to try those out.

Bright Lips

To go hand in hand with the Lip Glosses, you need Bright Lips! I’m going Coral this year as I think that looks good on my skin tone and all that jazz, but pick your colour and make a statement with it! I love all colours, I’ve got to admit, but this year I’m going to take the plunge and boost my confidence make-up wise! Woo yeah!

Hair Bands


Summer is usually the time where you randomly do spontaneous things like wanting to walk the dog 10 miles or meeting your friends in town for a drink (I would say coffee, but I hate it!). Let’s be honest, when would you do something like that in Winter? I remember last Summer I was out nearly every weekend, meeting new people and doing things I’d never dreamed of (walking 7 miles in a maxi skirt? I’m still proud). Spontaneous meetings causes spontaneous activities and if you have one of these on your wrist at all times, your always prepared. I love these hair bands from Superdrug – I never seem to lose them, they don’t hurt my head when I take them out and they manage to take in my mane! I haven’t put my hair up much yet this year, but that’s because as I write it’s cloudy and windy outside. Lovely.

Waterproof Mascara

Summer. It’s hot outside. If you decide to wear a normal mascara whilst sweating and walking those few miles in the sun, you are not going to be a happy bunny when you look in the mirror. Mascara tends to drop down anyway, but with the added heat, it’s more than likely to make you resemble a panda. I think one of these are essential anyway – Waterproof Mascara’s tend to hold curl more and give more volume anyway. They’re totally worth investing in.

Smoothies/Iced Drinks

Earlier this year, I really started getting into Smoothies. I have no idea why, I just did, and now I’m kind of addicted. I think it started when I tried the Iced Smoothies from McDonalds (Strawberry and Banana all the way) as I never liked the seeds or anything, but I will literally take any cold Smoothie you give me. Also, last year at Burger King they had an Iced Lemonade. Loved that. And now McDonalds have an Iced Strawberry Lemonade. Yes please, thank you very much! There’s just something about them I like – however, not the Berry Blast or whatever it’s called from Pret a Manger. It’s way to acidic for me. I would go as far to say I prefer them to Milkshakes, which is very high on the Rachel scale!

Dry Shampoo


With doing spontaneous things, it could include randomly sleeping round a friend’s house. I can’t handle not having washed hair, so just spritzing some of this in before bed will mean you’ll wake up with non-greasy, beautiful hair! Obviously you’d carry around a travel size, not the full-sized one like I’ve got. I use Batiste in Tropical and it smells just gorgeous! Definitely a Summer scent! Also, in Summer your hair tends to be a bit more greasy anyway and it’s not good to wash your hair everyday, so this is needed.

Face Wipes in the Fridge

This little tip was recommended by Sprinkle of Glitter last Summer and after a long, hot day, it is certainly cooling! Just imagine you’ve walked your dog spontaneously for 6 miles with your hair up (though it’s still not enough) and your waterproof mascara staying put and you just want to collapse and sleep. But wait, put a face wipe from the fridge on your face and ta-da! Your all fresh and calm again! Little dramatic, but you get my point. Just don’t forget where they are! You can also put your face masks in the fridge and that makes them even better when you apply them.

Selfie Stick

Lastly on my Must Haves for Summer 2015 is a Selfie Stick. I realise these are a bit hit and miss but my friend has one and it’s so much fun when your out! One time she did it on a train and the reaction we got was hilarious – even the people coming back from an all-nighter in glitter wigs were looking at us! If you want to get a ‘Squad Shot’ (did I just make something up? Have I started a trend?!), you need this. I love my friends Selfie Stick so much, we use it whenever we’re together! A way to capture the memories. Or another way to do that is one of those old-fashioned Polaroid Camera’s. They’re so Tumblr!

So there’s my Top 10! That seems to have gone so quickly! I hope I’ve helped you with sorting out your Summer and don’t forget to leave your Top 10 in the comments below for me to have a look at and try.

So thank you for reading, here’s to a good Summer and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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