OOTD and MOTD #4 | Nan’s Birthday Meal

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today was my Nan’s birthday and my parents, brother, her friend and I went to lunch with her. I decided I would today show you what I wore and my makeup, though I ran out of time to take pictures of my makeup so I will just be describing it for you.

So here is my outfit:

WP_20150525_12_05_42_Pro WP_20150525_12_05_53_Pro

Jumpsuit: New Look

Ballerina Socks: New Look

Pumps: Primark

So today I wore this gorgeous jumpsuit from New Look which I bought about a month ago. It did have to be turned up, however, because I’m so short (sad times). It is obviously for Summer and even though the sun wasn’t out, it wasn’t freezing and it’s May so I think it’s fine. It has black spaghetti straps (meaning strapless bra was involved), little discreet pockets just below where it nips in and it had rounded ends at the ankle (though that feature doesn’t effect me much due to the length of my gorgeous, long legs). I couldn’t wear high heels today but I don’t think my black high heels would work well with it anyway. I love this for dressing up during the day time or night but I can’t see it being an everyday kinda staple, although maybe it’s just me being a bit weird about my love for it! It also has a little black zip at the back which is easier to do up if someone else does it or helps out but I managed to bend that way (crazy how far you can go when you need to!). This has definitely made me want to buy more jumpsuits in the future and love them as much as this one. I was always scared it was going to look unflattering but it actually looks really nice (in my opinion, you might think otherwise). I also accessorized with a little gold necklace that had a green-y yellow-y gem in it but unfortunately I have no idea where it’s from.

Onto the second part of this blog post which is the makeup. I wanted to create a pretty subtle but beautiful look because of the bold pattern on the jumpsuit and I think I did well to be honest. I also painted my nails for it this morning using O.P.I’s Big Apple Red and the fragrance I used was Beyonce’s Heat (the red one). Now I’m just going to write a list of the products I used on my face.

So there it is! I also had my hair pretty straight and down around my face (as you can probably tell by the picture) for those that wanted to know! I had a really nice meal out and really enjoyed making myself up even if it was for only a few hours. Sorry that this blog post’s been pretty short, I’m just really tired but I’ll be back to my normal self by Wednesday’s blog post. I hope you had a great Bank Holiday Weekend also!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk

P.S. This will be the new regular place where I will take pictures of my outfits because my beds been slightly moved in my room so it’s in front of my full length mirror. Just so you now know!


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