Cara Delevingne Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Good Morning Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you a look which I found on my friends phone (don’t ask) of Cara Delevingne and her makeup was just too gorgeous to ignore. It’s this beautiful dark smokey eye with a very nude-y pink lip and I just instantly fell in love. This is a look I’d never tried before (i.e a dark smokey eye) but I’m so glad I did, and ya know, good to step out of your comfort zone and all! I don’t know how old this picture is, but I found it and I loved it! It might not look as dark as in the picture how I’ve interpreted it, but you can easily change it however you like with the ratio of the darker colours and the light colours. Woah there pony, ratio? My Maths teacher would be so proud!

If your going to accurately recreate this whole thing as dark as it is, then it wouldn’t be a day look at all. This is more of a party-evening-clubbing look and because of this I would recommend using an eye primer before hand. Trust me, you won’t want this all over your face by the end of then night!

Here’s the picture I will be recreating and the face chart to go with it:



I love this kind of dark, smoldering look on Cara; it just looks to perfect on her! If only my cheekbones will allowed to be contoured like hers!




Oh hey there freckles! First of all I’m just going to take my Model’s Own Blending Brush with The Mail from my Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special. I’m just going to place this on the inner and outer third of my lid and blending a little bit into my crease. I love this type of brown so much. When I’m doing contouring with a brown eye shadow (as I do in my everyday makeup routine), I will always try and find an orange-y toned one, like this one, because it will really help bring out my blue eyes. Cara might’ve done the same but it’s because orange and blue are complimentary colours. Little bit of knowledge for you there!


From the same palette, I’m taking Bow and just applying this in-between the 2. As you can tell, it really brightens the area up a bit more from my natural skin colour.


Just to darken this all up, I’m taking Boxed from the same palette again and applying it lightly on the inner third and in my crease, blending up as I go. For me (blending-wise) I went up to my socket line which is the bone just above your eye, but obviously this depends on your preferences and your eye shape.



Next, I’m taking my Model’s Own Angled Brush and Noir from the Sleek palette and just creating an eye-liner effect on my lash line. She hasn’t created a wing of any kind, but as it comes towards her outer eye area, it does thicken. Like you’ve probably heard me say before, I’m actually useless at liquid liner, so if you would prefer to use that, then use it!


One last little trick you can use is putting a little bit of The Mail just under the eye and smoking it out a bit with a blending brush. I have done it here but you can’t really tell because I hadn’t applied my face makeup before taking this pictures. Hence the freckles. And dark circles.

WP_20150514_17_17_20_Pro WP_20150514_17_18_19_Pro

For the lips, we’re going quite posh today! I was given this by my Mum who got it from her Mum who got it in duty free when they went to Egypt a few years ago. This is the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Brilliance in Number 6. It’s pretty much a translucent gloss but it has glitter in, so thought it would be appropriate for a party look! Unfortunately (after vigorous searching), I can’t find it being sold anymore. Sorry guys!

And there’s the finished look! I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post/recreating the look, because I personally love this makeup. Let me know what other makeup looks you want me to recreate, because I’m up for ideas!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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