Dark Arabian Nights Makeup Tutorial

Good Evening Munchkins!

How lovely is the weather today? My freckles are becoming so much more prominent! Today I will be bringing you a makeup tutorial on a picture I found on a Facebook page called ‘Unique Makeups’ (don’t know why the extra ‘s’) of which I instantly fell in love. This definitely isn’t an everyday look and would be something you’d expect on red carpet event or for a serious party. Even though that is the case and it does look tricky, it’s quite easy (if you have the steadiness and patience) and is fun to do. As you know I love dark lips and glitter and knew I couldn’t just keep this to myself!

Anyway, I think I’ve gone on enough, here is today’s look I will be recreating and the face chart to follow:



Looks scary, but I can assure you if you break it down it’s so easy. You can use liquid liner or gel liner for this look but that’s if you have a really steady hand and the patience to let it dry after each step. Also, you don’t really need a base eye shadow unless you want it, but I don’t show you that step as I didn’t use it. I swear I repeated myself like 3 times there! Anyway, on we go!




First of all, I’m going to take Crave from my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette with my Model’s Own Angled Brush. All I’m going to do here is line my lash line and create a super long wing. Hopefully you would do it a lot neater than me, but the steady hander’s will have no trouble with this whatsoever! The only reason I chose to use the black from this palette is because as it’s Urban Decay, it’s going to have more lasting power and won’t smudge or create a mirror image when you look up. It’s more psychological, but you can use any black eye shadow you have.


The next thing I did using all the same products, is make a completely straight line slightly below my crease (putting it in your crease would just make it curved) and then into my inner corner. I can’t remember why I chose to do that as I decided to take these on Tuesday, but hey ho! You can just copy the picture as it is. I also went into my inner corner (which for me makes it  more Arabian-y!). This part I found the most difficult (as you can probably tell) and I had to keep wiping it off when it went wrong only for it to mess up again. This is where your patience is tested!



Now my favourite part. Using an old angled brush, which I must’ve got with a palette years ago, I went into Golden Sand from the Collection’s Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette and used it along the black lines, just patting it on. This part was like a little relief for me as it calmed me after the stress of the eyeliner! You can add this where you personally want – I seem to have applied it everywhere! This could also get a little messy so keep wipes at the ready!

WP_20150130_10_29_04_Pro WP_20150505_16_53_46_Pro

The first thing you want to do lips-wise is fill it all in with Make-Up Studio’s Lip Liner in No.11 Funky or any other berry coloured lip liner you have. This will stop the lipstick from bleeding and this will darken the lipstick we’re about to apply as I don’t have the ‘perfect’ lipstick for this look.



Lastly, using my Natural Collection’s Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson and Model’s Own Lip Brush (which I seemed to have lost the picture for, sorry guys!). I’m just going to apply a little bit of the lipstick to the middle of my lips (top and bottom) then smudge them together. I’m unsure why this picture has come out a little grey, but it looks better than this, I swear!

And it’s as simple as that! I realise my look hasn’t gone completely right, but with practice it should. I hope you enjoy recreating this look and let me know if there are any looks you would like to see me do a tutorial on for you!

Earlier this week I uploaded a blog post on the Thursday. I’m still unsure whether to keep to my weekend blogging routine or Thursday and Sunday, so let me know. I don’t mind, it’s purely your guys decision.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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