Good Evening Munchkins!

Uploading on a Thursday, are we? Oh yeah, we are! Basically, on Saturday I’m out from like 8am to 6pm so have no time whatsoever to upload, but still wanted to provide you with 2 blog posts this week so here we are! If you prefer this blogging schedule, let me know and I will try it more often, otherwise I’ll just stick to my Saturday and Sunday blogging routine.

Today I bring you a slightly different blog post about a campaign the lingerie brand Naja have set up which (as you can probably tell by the title) is called #MyNajaPick. This campaign was set up in order to highlight women who have influenced not only our personal lives, but lives everywhere. I chose to write a blog on this because it’s true that many women are kind of ignored these days (I mean, it’s 2015 guys, come on!) and we should promote those that have helped us in our lives. Today, I will be sharing My Naja Pick (it feels weird not writing that as a hashtag!) story and will try to influence you to do the same. You can use the hashtag like I have in my title for a blog post of your own or just on your Twitter or Facebook. It’s such a good campaign, I couldn’t ignore it. As you guys probably know, I’m a huge feminist!

For those who are a little more nosy like myself, here’s some more information; Naja is a socially–conscious lingerie brand that makes luxurious but affordable braspanties and swimwear. Their philosophy is to inspire and empower women. A percentage of every purchase supports their entrepreneurial sewing program for women through the Golondrinas Foundation in Colombia and Naja’s Underwear for Hope program. There you go!

I’m going to be a bit predictable with My Naja Pick, but I had to choose my Mum. It was so difficult trying to find one woman in my life who I thought had helped me and influenced me greatly (would now just like to apologise to my Nan, Granny, Auntie, friend . . .) for the sheer fact that when you sit down and think about it, so many had. Anyway, I settled on my lovely Mum, and here is where I will tell you why.

On the 12th February 2001, my Mum went into labour with me after being due on the 5th. Little did she know that only 24 hours later would she actually see my first appearance, which would be where they were pumping extra oxygen into me. Nice. I think we’d both admit it was a traumatic birth, (C-Section not being my Mum’s idea of a perfect welcoming into the world) but I do think sometimes she’d wish I would’ve just stayed in there! When I was a child I was extremely jealous of my younger brother and I was a pretty evil child. Luckily, I’ve seen the error of my ways and changed, but she must’ve been one strong woman to handle me. I would also pick fights with my little brother, when he was a couple of weeks old I gave him chicken pox and people were unsure whether he’d pull through or not with him being so small, I slammed his fingers in the door and yeah. Just good old rough ‘n’ tumble! Did not help in the slightest when one time I found a document entitled ‘My Will’ when my brother’s name is Will. That argument did not end well! When I try and think back to my childhood with my Mum, we were always arguing and only a few memories are us getting along. I was always a trouble maker as well, so I honestly don’t know why I’m still here, I’m so grateful! I think I was very much a Daddy’s girl, to be honest.

However, around a year and a half ago me and my Mum started getting along. The fact that Will was her favourite had vanished and we were actually getting along. I kind of think of this as our good time, and it’s still carrying on now and hopefully for a long time to come *touch wood*. It actually upsets me  thinking about picking fights all the time with my Mum. We do argue occasionally, but I think as I’m growing up and getting out of the dark place I was in 2 years ago, I kind of understand why she does certain things and says certain things. I now look at my Mum and see a truly inspirational woman. I don’t just see the woman who struggled to raise two kids and have a job which paid and gave her the hours she wanted and has a partner who adores her. I see a woman who is mentally and physically strong who is so dedicated to her life and always wants to do the same thing. Earlier this year, she completed her first half marathon and I’m not going to lie, that was a great moment! It kind of makes me remember when she did her first Race For Life and Great South Run when I was young and I felt the same pride, despite all the arguments.

I really look forward to the future with my Mum and wish a long time with her. I don’t think either of us expected this, when I’m 14, to be the best time in our relationship! I now recognise things I never did before with my Mum, her wittiness, her humour, her happiness, her control, just everything like that!

This is probably the cheesiest blog post I’ve ever written, but I couldn’t just leave this little hashtag on it’s own. You can find Naja’s Twitter HERE if you yourself would like to get involved. I really look forward to reading your stories, and if you do write a blog post on it or just want to write it in the comments, of course do so. You can even email me if you like, I’m always up for a chat!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon where I will have another makeup tutorial for you,

Rachel xx

P.S: No word of a lie, but I thought the Princess was going to be called Charlotte Diana. Just saying!


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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