Products I’d Never Repurchase | May 2015

Good Evening Munchkins! And happy Baby Princess Day to my British Munchkins in particular!

Today I will be sharing with you a few things I’ve tried and not been entirely happy with, which I thought you’d find interesting. Normally when I mention products in a blog post, I leave links but I don’t think I will on this one just because I’m un-recommending them, if you get what I mean. Feel free to look for them yourself, I just don’t want to be that ironic person. These products have been built up over time, so you may have seen me talk about some of them, others might be completely new to you!


The first product I haven’t enjoyed is the Freederm Exfoliating Daily Wash. I wrote a review on this about 3 months ago and there’s the smallest bit left which I think my Mum’s expecting me to use so every time I go into the bathroom I see it. It’s great if you have extremely oily skin, but as a combination girl, it doesn’t accommodate my needs as required.


My next product (or ‘products’ if you’re going to be particular about it) are the Avon body sprays. This is just the one I found at the time of taking photos but I was given 3 by my Nan who works for Avon, and I’m going to be honest I hated the smells. This is completely a personal thing and you might like them, I just, no, just no. Also, the two that are dotted around the house now are ones that you have to pump every so often. I’m sorry, but I go to school 5 days a week, I don’t have time for that. If you like the smell, take no notice of me, it’s just me. Sorry. This also links to last week’s Favourite’s post (of which there will be one for this month, get excited, I am for sure) when I said I now use perfume. Such a hard life!


I’ve mentioned the pink one out of this collection recently and these are Nail Art Nail Polishes from Accessorize. I basically picked these up because they said Nail Art on them and back then I was all about fancy patterns. Didn’t realise you had to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to get it out. The bottles themselves are some sort of plastic that if you squeeze very tightly, out the opposite end of where the brush is, some product comes out of this needle type thing. Personally I don’t think it’s worth it, but depends who you are and how strong you are, I suppose! The product itself doesn’t last very long and is a pain to apply. I’d much rather buy these colours from better drugstore brands and an actual nail brush, to be honest.


The penultimate product kills me to put it in this blog post. I’ve wanted to try this BB Cream out for so so long and had heard only good things about it. Then I used it. I felt that when applying it, it didn’t cover my red cheeks in the slightest and my powder did all the work. Also, when I took it off I noticed a few red marks across my jaw bone. I got an allergic reaction to Tea Tree. The irony kills me. For a small I feel it’s quite a lot as well (£8) and I know some foundations are like £40-£50 but I’m on a budget! I only used this once at Easter because 1. due to the small bottle, I will only use this on special occasions and 2. I’m very scared to use it after the allergic reaction, so it might be fine. The fear just scares me. And also, last point, I can be pale, but I never knew I was too pale for the palest colour. It seemed to tan my face up and because it didn’t cover all my redness I look like a fraction of a rainbow. I’m sorry, because like you, Munchkins, I was so excited about this. I’ll let you know if anything different happens with it next time I use it. Despite all this, as I want to go into makeup, if the time is appropriate and their skin is appropriate, I may use it on my clients, but ya know. I just feel so sad talking about it in this post!

The last item in Photoshop. Now, I’ve had to use this in Media for school, so technically it’s not like I can’t repurchase it, but it’s a programme I will avoid at all costs from now on. We had to use it to make Sci-Fi movie posters and my poor main characters. Emma Stone’s right arm is just completely distorted and Benedict Cumberbatch’s head has never been so flat. I would just like to apoligise to them now. I basically taught myself how to use the programme and I know a lot more than I would expect but it just makes me want to cry. I’ve never encountered something on the computer that’s actually stressed me out more than Photoshop. Only if you’re related to Harry Potter should you be trusted with this!

So there have been 5 things I would never repurchase or use again. I hope I’ve helped you in some way. As with most things, this is entirely personal, so if you want to try one of these products you can, it’s just my experience with them (some being more traumatising that others).

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. If this blog post isn’t up to scratch, I’m sorry, I’ve been doing other work all day and it’s really taken it out of me. What do you think they’ve called the new princess? I personally think Rachel’s a good choice! Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Products I’d Never Repurchase | May 2015”

    1. Thank you! I’ll be sure to check your blog out, haven’t yet found a skincare blog to get addicted to! I’m glad you enjoyed my post, Rachel xx

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