April 2015 Favourites

Good Afternoon, Munchkins!

This is the blog post I mentioned yesterday I was oh so excited for! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know I tend to do seasonal Favourites because I’m not someone who tries loads of new things each month, but this month I have enjoyed many things. This may be a one off (which I really don’t want) or it could start a whole line up of blog posts every month (which I really want) but if you love this, let me know and I will start trying loads of new things in my makeup collection or whatever. Also, because of this reason, some Favourites may have nearly 10 items on whereas some may struggle with 5. Just a little warning but this one is a pretty big one!

On we go!


We’ll start with Makeup, me thinks. My first Favourite of this month has been the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold (which I wrote a review on yesterday, find HERE). If you read my blog post yesterday, you will know how much I love this and why, but for a little round-up, the pigmentation is amazing for a drugstore product, the colour is to die for and the price, hello there budget buy! I’m working towards buying the whole range of colours so I have a whole set but for now, me and my Pink Gold go hand in hand!


My second Favourite for April is this mascara from Makeup Revolution, the Amazing Curl one to be exact (although the writings rubbed off, I can assure you it is!). I have the one in just normal black but oh me oh my, is it not just a normal mascara. If you’ve seen any of my makeup tutorials you will see in my pictures that I have very dark, thick lashes. However, because of my Mum having blonde hair and my Dad once having dark hair, it means the tips of my eyelashes are blonde. I find it so hard to find a mascara that will actually accentuate my natural lashes without making me look like a drag queen and this does the trick. It helps deepen the colour as well as doing the previous points and it has a curved wand to help grip all the lashes in order to coat them. The only problem I found with this right at the beginning is that I couldn’t use my normal method as I would with a straight brush (brush lashes down to thicken then up to define), but it doesn’t matter because this mascara does it all within 3 coatings. I will be so sad when this runs out, but its really cheap, so it’s nothing to get too upset over!


Next, Bath and Body. This next product is from the Body Shop and is the Mango Body Whip. I got this in a little tester set with the mango shower gel for my birthday and didn’t think too much about this; I hardly ever remember to moisture! I only reached out to it when I started getting particularly dry thighs because on the back it says that Mango Oil helps dry/extra dry skin. It’s not eczema or anything but where it’s cold and I’m shaving a lot for PE and things, it doesn’t like it that much so gets itchy and dry. This has cleared it up so much, I will have to try the other Mango products, it’s so good. I only need to apply this once a week (or on two consecutive days if it’s been a bad week) and I’m assured it will keep my legs all lovely and itch-free for those 7 days. If you suffer from really bad dry skin like I do, you need this in your life! It also sinks in so well and smells amazing!


My next favourite is the I love . . . Raspberry & Blackberry Exfoliating Smoothie. Oh. Em. Gee. This is just one of the nicest shower products to ever grace my bathroom shelf! I was given this as a birthday present and kind of put off using it because it said ‘Smoothie’. Unless it clearly says ‘Shower Gel’ or ‘Body Wash’, it just scares me. However, I’d run out of all my other shower gels and read the directions, so find it was just a normal exfoliating shower gel. I’m not going to lie to you, I am mainly including this because of the smell. It’s amazing! I don’t find myself a particularly thick-skinned person, but I remember the first time I used this, my arms felt so soft. The exfoliating beads aren’t too harsh but you can kind of feel them doing something. I know this range really well (despite never previously owning something from it before) and I know it comes a range of delicious scents which I will be sure to get my hands on!


Next, Scents. This month I’ve found myself in a bit of pickle. Basically, my Nan gave me some body sprays from AVON (she’s one of the ladies that comes to your door with a brochure to order from) and I didn’t like any of the smells and I decided to use one of my perfumes whilst waiting to go get myself another one (procrastination is the best word to describe my life) and decided to use this one. My celebrity perfumes I only use on special occasions, but I have 2 drugstore ones and I thought I’d try this one. I’d smelt it before as I got it in a kit for Christmas (swear everything in this Favourites was given to me!) with a body lotion and lip balm which I use so I knew I loved the smell. As each day has gone on though, I’ve just grown to love it even more. When I got my Mum to smell it, she said it was almond-y. but I don’t know. It’s just warm and kind of vanilla-y but not. I think I should move on now!

The last little section of Favourites is my Random Favourites. So the TV series I’ve been loving this month is Ordinary Lies on BBC1. This finished on Tuesday and I don’t know what I will do now! We got recommended this from friends because it has funny moments (it is classed as a drama, I think) but 1 episode in, I was hooked. Once you’ve seen the comedian Jason Manford cry, you need to carry on watching this! I know I’m going to sound really blonde, but I only realised how its linked to the title when a week or so ago, my brother went, ‘so that’s this weeks lie’. I didn’t understand before then! Every episode, I’m gripped from minute 1 to minute 60 and I think it might still be on iPlayer if your lucky. I love it so so much! I don’t think I would’ve bothered with it unless it was recommended to us, but I’m so glad it was. Each week it opens up another persons story (they’re all linked as they work in the same place) and normally I will check my phone throughout a TV show. Not with this! It touches on subjects that I’ve never seen be touched on my a TV series before, some I have but they still made it their own. There were so many cliffhangers and even though it’s finished, I still want my questions answered. I really hope they make a second series, I really do.


My next Random Favourite is I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb. I was given this by my grandparents at Christmas because she is so interesting and I’ve spoken about her a lot and even though this book can be heavy going at times, it has taught me so much. I’ve still got like 3 chapters to go, which I hope to read soon, and yeah. It’s taken me a while but that’s because there is just so much to take in. It’s not light reading, it’s very religious and political but I’m glad I’ve read it (well, nearly). I kind of linked it to Anne Frank’s Diary before I read it, but it is no way like her diary. Yes, they are/were both very inspirational young girls but I personally think Anne Frank’s Diary is more light reading and like talking to a friend. I am Malala is much more factual, though I have so enjoyed learning about her life. She’s only 3/4 years older than me and she was talking about serious things that happened around her in the late noughties and it made me realise how naive we are in this country and how so many people turned a blind eye. Some of the things mentioned I’d never even heard of and they happened when I was old enough to understand. This book is such a huge eye-opener and I think if you are a dedicated reader, you will enjoy this.

My final favourite is Creme Eggs. I know it’s after Easter, but this year I created a little love affair with them. My Mum’s never really liked them and influenced me not to like them, but this year I couldn’t stop eating them! I know people say to lick out the icing bit first then eat the chocolate, but sorry, whose tongue is long enough for that?! I rather a little explosion in my mouth, makes the whole experience a little more exciting. Is that weird? Probably.

So there you go, my April 2015 Favourites. I do hope you enjoyed, let me know if you did. I really enjoyed writing this, lets just hope I love more things in May. I know everyone says it, but this month has just disappeared! I look forward to seeing you next month, anyway!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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