Kim Kardashian A Pop of Colour Makeup Tutorial

Good Morning Munchkins!

At some point last week, I was flicking through my Facebook news feed when I saw the picture that I’m about to show you of Kim Kardashian. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to do a tutorial on it, I love it so much. This look is definitely one I’d wear out, with or without the Pop of Colour, depending on the scenario. I can not wait to show you guys, it makes me so happy! Also, the reason I’m uploading this so early is because I’m going to Brighton today for a night and I’m so excited!

So here is the picture and the face chart to go with it:

FB_20150409_14_16_33_Saved_Picture WP_20150414_13_03_09_Pro

See what I mean?! I don’t have a nude lip gloss to go with it, so I will just be showing you the eyes today. In true Kardashian style, this look is supposed to be all about the highlight and the shimmer and the fluttery eyelashes (I would recommend individuals for this look, just to touch up). I will now show you how to get the eyes.

WP_20150412_13_30_34_Pro WP_20150214_12_57_10_Pro


For this tutorial, I will be using Collection’s Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette, as this is the perfect palette for a shimmery, bronze smokey eye. Using my Model’s Own Blending Brush, I’m just taking Feather and applying it to the inner half of my lid. It was kind of hard showing you the shimmer and colour of this step but I think I managed!


I next took Sunkissed and applied this on the outer half, using the same brush. I then blended the two colours together in the middle to make them look a bit more fused (is that the right word?!).

WP_20150228_10_28_16_ProWP_20150414_12_36_47_ProThen taking Blackbird and my Model’s Own Angled Brush, I just created an eyeliner and drew one simple line along the lash line. I prefer using eye shadow and this brush just because it’s easier and ya know, personal preference and stuff. This is an un-winged eyeliner but gets thicker as it reaches the outer half of the eye.



Lastly, just apply some blue pencil liner to your waterline. Mine’s a bit light, but I think it’s OK! You can then finish this look with either some volumising mascara or individual lashes followed by hardcore contouring and highlighting.

So it’s that easy! I would wear this look everyday, just without the blue, or for a night out with the blue. Sadly, I don’t think Kim wears the Little Mix palette, because otherwise this would be just about accurate! I really hope you enjoyed this look.

So thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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