Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette VS. Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

That’s one big title! Today I thought I’d share with you another ‘VS.’ blog post as I really enjoy them and I seem to get a good response from them. I thought I would compare 2 things I haven’t previously before; neutral eyes palettes. I love neutral eyes, you guys know by now how much I love the simplicity but also the perfection of them. I think I should stop going on and just start, first of all with the Urban Decay palette.

WP_20150215_14_20_29_Pro WP_20150215_14_20_41_Pro

So this is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (as if I haven’t gone on about it enough). It contains 6 colours, 1 shimmer and 5 matte, ranging in the colours you would need for a simple day look. I’ve had this for around 3 months now and even though I don’t use it everyday (for the sheer fact I may never be able to have it again) I do enjoy using it. I love using the 2 browns (Naked 2 and Faint) in my crease, depending on how defined I want my eyes to be, and using the black (Crave) to line my lash line on my lid (for some reason it doesn’t like being winged). I’m only really disappointed in the shimmer colour (Foxy) because if I want a shimmer and glittery look, I want that without having to pack it all on. Maybe I was expecting too much from it, as I found the nude (Venus) not light enough to create a pretty much perfect base on my lid. The colour I probably use the least is Walk of Shame, but sometimes I treat myself and use it for something magical!

Packaging wise, I love it. It feels so nice, I can’t really explain it but when you touch it it’s one of those satisfying feels. When travelling I feel secure, it’s so easy to throw into your handbag where it’s so small (I say ‘throw’, place gently with cushions and champagne on call) and it’s just a must have. The writing is slightly raised, and if your anything like me, it’s the best thing when you reach into your palette’s drawer (OCD much?!) and feel it. Lovely.

My only problem with this is the price, which is why I use it so sparingly. I use this if I’m going out for something special and want a natural eye, I couldn’t use this everyday. I first of all found this on Feel Unique for £20 but then at purchase time it was sold out, so I found it on Amazon for £13. Since then, the price has been raised on Amazon and that makes me oh so sad. If it had stayed at £13, I wouldn’t be as worried about using this everyday. This is my basics palette for when the Queen comes, basically.

WP_20150412_13_30_34_Pro WP_20150412_13_30_46_ProThe palette I will be comparing it with is none other than Collection’s Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette. I’ve wanted to try the Little Mix range by Collection for ages and this was my excuse, being the palette addict I am. Unlike the previous palette, this has only 5 colours, 4 shimmer and 1 matte. I’ve heard people say you can’t create a look with just shimmer colours, but I think if you apply it gently and not just cake it on your face, it will look fine. I do it everyday and I don’t look like a drag queen! Basically, what that’s meant to mean is it doesn’t particularly bother me as I know I have matte colours of the shimmer ones in this palette I can use if need be. I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation (I had heard good things about Collection, being the newbie I am, but it was so cheap I didn’t really want to believe it) and do prefer the black (Blackbird) for winged eyeliner. Although the nude (Feather) does cover my lid better, it doesn’t completely as I would like (I’m too picky, aren’t I?).

Next, the packaging. I was so so disappointed by this, I really would prefer it to just fly onto my face. Most palettes have the name of the colours underneath, but not this one. It has it on the back which I find annoying for purposes like this or sharing in any other form. Not good! Also, I’m one of those people that applies in layers and this little device is good in some sense, but not for this one. It closes with a magnet or something like that so closes on its own very slowly. This means I have to keep opening it and slows down the process, even though neutral eyes are supposed to be really quick.

The price of this is £3.99, which is fair for this product. If you are on a budget I would recommend this and it’s worth the price in my opinion.

For me, I’m more likely to repurchase the Little Mix one mainly due to budget but if I have the money, I would get the Urban Decay one. The only other thing to bear in mind is that you can get the Little Mix one off the Collection stand in Boots or Superdrug but for the Urban Decay one you need to find it on a website like Amazon.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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8 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette VS. Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette”

  1. I’ve heard amazing things about this palette, although I do agree with the Urban Decay prices. Pretty high! But I do think that the Urban Decay eyeshadows are the best on the market – especially if you’re after matte ones! x

    1. I think maybe I was expecting like amazing ‘change my face’ makeup for example the nude, I wanted to completely even the colour on my lid and I didn’t find that. I would recommend it and maybe I’m being harsh but hey ho, I’m not going to say ‘no’ to the rest just because of this palette. I’m dying to get my hands on the actual Naked palettes! Rachel xx

      1. Yes I can see what you mean. For the price they really should be life changing!
        I suppose mattes are always handy and you’d get lots of use out of them but the price maybe doesn’t justify the quality? I have to admit that I haven’t tried this exact palette; I’ve only tried the mattes in the other palettes and they’ve seemed fine. Maybe they used a different formula? I’m not sure!
        But this review is so helpful, it’s so handy to spot another cheaper alternative if you can! xx

      2. You’re welcome! I know I’ve said mostly negative things but I guess if you gave it to someone without telling them the brand or price, they’d be happy with it. Haha, maybe it’s just me! Rachel xx

      3. Yes, brand is everything! To be honest it’s kind of funny how you’d feel cooler whipping out your Naked palette than your Collection one, when really, the quality of the more affordable one may be even better! x

  2. Great post I’ve got the naked 3 palette and the colours buzz and trick have ran out due to them being my everyday favourites. For over 20 quid urban decay is way to expensive to have as everyday makeup , more like a treat every once in a while.. Thanks for the blog post, it’s great! Love beau xx

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