The Smallest Haul | April 2015

Good Evening Munchkins!

Yesterday, I had a few extra pounds to spend so bought a couple of things. I’m really not joking about this being The Smallest Haul! I went into Boots and Lush and thought I would share what I bought. This is going to be quite chatty to build up this blog post a little bit, but, ya know. Once again, sorry for the bad lighting.


The first thing I bought was from Boots and is the Maybelleine 24hr Colour Tattoo in 65 Pink Gold. I’ve heard so many people rave about this product so much and this colour was too damn gorgeous to leave on the counter (is that what it is?). I’ve been eyeing this up for a while and the feeling that I had when I got the receipt and my change, it was too good. I think I need to get out more! I chose this colour as it’s very neutral (as neutral as a pink can be, anyway), very summery and SHIMMER! I’ve decided to put it into my everyday makeup bag to encourage myself to try new makeup ideas and I just need it on my face! This was £4.99, bit more expensive than anticipated (I was thinking more £2.99 or £3.99) but I might have to buy more colours if they prove well on me. Sorry for no swatches, but I want to open it like it’s my Golden Ticket to perfect eyes. Yes, novelty like that works on me, very easily.


I then went to Lush (the Mothership of heavenly smells) where myself and my Grandmother (a newbie, but now loves it as much as me) tried everything and spoke to everyone. I was thinking about getting Golden Egg but the lady said it takes 20 minutes to dissolve properly and I’m too restless to wait that long so instead from the Easter Collection I bought the Fluffy Egg. Last year it came in pink and yellow but I only saw the pink one yesterday so bought that one, though I prefer pink to yellow anyway. That didn’t need to be explained like that, did it? The lady, as I say, people in Lush are going straight to Heaven, said it smells like Snow Fairy from the Christmas Collection but I haven’t yet used it so I’m going to have to take her word for it. It’s a really strong smell that’s super sweet which I love but some might find overpowering. This is a bath bomb and it looks like a good one (sorry for not showing you, I wanted to keep it nice and fresh for when I use it) as it’s not big in height but has quite a big circumference (good word there, Rach). I’m very looking forward to this and I will let you know how it goes.

So there was the littlest haul you ever did see! If you would like reviews on either of these, let me know and I will get to that for you. I realise this is small, but I wanted to show you while it was still new and I was too excited to blog about anything else!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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