Meghan Trainor Title Review

Good Evening Munchkins!

As you can probably tell from the Title (I couldn’t avoid it, sorry), I will be uploading a very different blog post to what I normally would today. I was basically going through Timmy Timato’s (from YouTube) old videos and he used to make CD or song reviews and I actually enjoyed them so I thought I would give it a go with who else, than Meghan Trainor. I am doing the whole CD rather than the song just called ‘Title’. I’m not too sure how this blog post will go but do bear with as it’s probably going to get better as it goes, as per usual!

The first track on the album (if you can call it that) is ‘The Best Part’ which is the Interlude. I’m going to be honest, I don’t really like it. I don’t like Interlude’s or Hidden Tracks or anything like that as a whole anyway, I just don’t get them, but yeah. Her vocals were on point (as it always is) but yeah, I found it boring and it’s not something to particularly get into as it’s only 25 seconds.

The second song is her first single ‘All About That Bass’. You guys know how much I love this song, I listen to it even now when I’m bored of all the other songs from last Summer. This song will always be a fave for me as it’s so uplifting and sassy and made me realise who she is. It makes me so happy! And yes I know the choreography . . . as I do with all of her music videos. Not that I watch them too much!

The next track is her newest single, ‘Dear Future Husband’. When I first heard this way back in September, I immediately adored it. This is kind of like ‘All About That Bass’ as in it’s vintage-ish and it’s right up my alley. I love the choreography (learn it within a week!) and she’s wearing this body-con leather skirt which makes me happy as well. Body Confidence! I’ve also done a makeup tutorial on this which you can find HERE (not meaning to blow one’s own trumpet, but I’m really proud of it).

The fourth song is ‘Close Your Eyes’. This isn’t my favourite but I don’t hate it, I just prefer more upbeat songs like the previous 2. I do like the message behind it though and that’s why I don’t hate it. If I had the vocals, this would be the song I would sing all the time. However, I don’t have the vocals, so cheesy pop songs here I come!

The next song is ‘3am’, a slower song about a break-up. Despite it being a slow song, it has more of a beat and I really like it. It is a song I think some girls (or boys) could relate to and so could find it more of a sad song than little naive me. I still like it!

Next on the track list is ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’ ft. John Legend. I first heard this as an acoustic version with just Meghan and I loved it so much. I then heard her new version and I just, uh, Meghan, why? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really like collabs with John Legend. Don’t get me wrong, I loved ‘All of Me’, but his collaboration not only with Miss Trainor but also with Sam Smith I just didn’t like. Personally, I prefer the original but I can’t change the album.

The seventh song is ‘Bang Dem Sticks’ and not gonna lie, thought of Ashton as soon as I heard it. If you’re into dance, it’s such a good song to choreograph to (yes, I’ve started doing it myself, I’m a very musical person). I love this but I’m starting to get bored of it, thought the little rap bit I do still love.

The eighth track is ‘Walkashame’ which is one of my new-found favourites. It made me giggle the first time I heard it as it’s about a funny experience after a one night stand. It’s so uplifting (unlike other songs written about one night stands, yes I’m looking at you Sam Smith) and it makes me smile which I always love; who doesn’t?!

The next song is ‘Title’ and although not immediately one of my favourites, it is up there. This song is very catchy, very sassy, just very Meghan. When I hear this song, I kind of feel like she is describing herself and that makes me really happy. I love this song.

The tenth song is ‘What If I’. I heard the first bit where it’s just her and I was like ‘yeah, this is gonna be a good song’. Then the violin or whatever it is comes in and it’s just, uh, Meghan, why, why would you do this to us? This is probably my least favourite song on the album, and it might be my stone heart but that violin? No thank you.

The final song on the normal album (as opposed to the deluxe album) is ‘Lips Are Movin’. I love this song so much, I did from the moment I first heard it. And the music video! Oh my God, that music video! The cat dress and the dance (I love the dancing, can you tell), it’s just, I can’t! I once saw a preview for it at the cinema a few months ago and literally the whole theatre told me where to shove it. Looking back it was an overreaction but at the time I was just singing along to her sassy little way and singing about break ups in a good way. Good times!

So there we go, my first CD Review. I do hope you’ve enjoyed. I got the track-listing off Wikipedia if things aren’t the same on your CD because I’m too lazy to go get mine from upstairs. As a whole, I love this album. About 80% of this album is positivity and I think we all need that. You can purchase the album HERE or you can just listen to the links on repeat.

If you would like me to write about the deluxe songs, do let me know. I’m not sure if I have the deluxe edition, it doesn’t really say, but it has the deluxe songs on it. I’m so confused! I’d written the basic 11 though, and I thought that was enough.

Also, tomorrow’s Easter Sunday so Happy Easter! I’m actually really excited for Easter, probably because I’m very excited for my new dress and to do my makeup all lovely, but hey ho! I will be doing a blog post on that on Monday. I do hope you have a good day tomorrow surrounded by the people you love. We kind of celebrate Easter maybe a lot more than other families because my Nan’s very religious so we’re going out for a meal and some of my friends aren’t even doing anything. I’m so excited!

So thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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